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The Great Race of Yith; extraterrestrial beings created by H.P. Lovecraft for the story entitled 'The Watchers Out of Time'.
This figure was created withe super sculpey and lightly painted with metallic colors corresponding as best as possible to the description of them Lovecraft provides. It carries a large book and satchel as described in the story.  The figure is 6" tall.  I'm planning to make copies available. 
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One of my favorite Mythos entities! :)  I think you did a good job, it conveys intelligence rather than it just being a pulp horror.

I hadn't heard of "The Watchers Out of Time" until you made this post, it appears to be an anthology I hadn't yet encountered.
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Thanks. No matter how you cut it, these critters are tough to make look good, though they are quite a creative effort by HPL.

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Another top sculpt, Joe.
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That sculpt is outstanding! I think Lovecraft would appreciate it. :) (Smile) 
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Thanks. Wonder if HPL ever imagined a sculpture of one of them.

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He probably didn't think of that. Sometimes I wonder what HPL would say if he saw all the representations of Cthulhu and the like, board games, books, movies and all the manner of things conjured in his name today. 
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