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The Rapture of Cthulhu

The Rapture of Cthulhu
Devotees overcome with emotion in the presence of a monument to Cthulhu. I made the original with super sculpey and painted it to resemble aged bronze. Copies are cast in resin and painted in the same colors as the original. The figure is about 9 1/2 inches tall.

Copies of this sculpture are available for $65 plus shipping.  Contact me at for details.

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this is fantastic! you are going to force me to go broke man.
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Ha! Should I start a 'Mythos Figure of the Month' club?
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fantastic. i have no words.
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No words is plenty! Thanks.
I really, really like this. Do you sell any?
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Hi, Thanks. I do sell them. You may contact me at for details.
Very nice - this and the Resident of Innsmouth (and Brown Jenkins) ... love the detail!
Wow!!! Love it!!
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Very nice, will the resin copies be for sale if produced?
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Thank you. Yep, I'll be trying to sell copies. I make copies of most of my sculpts.
Send me an email if you like and I'll send you a note when I've finished.
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*grins* I really need an automatic 'favourite' function for when you post new pics of your stuff. As always, this is really, really nice work!
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You're very kind, thank you. I'm in the 'what to do next' process now, or I will be at least, as soon as I get the work area tidied up.
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Good to see a new sculpt from you. Really great piece, the figures look like they're deep in some religious fit. And the little Cthulhu is, dare I say it, kind of cute.
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Thanks. I made two different Cthulhu's for the top; the first one was a little too thin so I did the 'cute' one.
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For Cthulhu supposed to be the ultimate cosmic horror that makes people go mad from a glimpse, he ends up "cute" pretty often...A few people have even called my saggy mutant jellyfish Cthulhu "cute."
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This is lovely work!
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a great concept and a great execution! I'd love to see some detail shots of things like the faces and statue.
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Thanks. I wish I'd waited before submitting this because I took some better pics last night.
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one day u gotta tell me, how to achieve this bronze effect with the green.
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