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The King in Yellow

The King In Yellow Statue - Based on the original drawing by Robert W. Chambers for his book of the same name. (Inset shows cover of the 2nd American printing of the book) Sculpted with Super Sculpey and Painted.  Figure is about 9 1/2 inches tall.

Copies of this sculpture are available for $75  plus shipping.  Contact me at for details.

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Is this the original story? 
Amazing and very beautiful work. It looks so cool.
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Whoa, quality work, as always :D.
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Thanks.  I was uncertain about using solid metallic colors for the finish (since I usually 'age' things) but my wife suggested I try it and I'm happy with the results.
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Yeah, it is looking great :D.
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"I knew that the King in Yellow had opened his tattered mantle and there was only God to cry to now.”   Beautiful work.  :D
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The details on your king are terrific, especially the wings. It's almost as if the statue were made of two types of gold. Clap 
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Hi, Thanks.  It is two types of metallic paint. Using Chamber's drawing as the basis (yellow and red)  I made the body gold and with wings a bright copper.
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To say that it is worth the wait is to cheapen this masterpiece. Spectacular work, Joe.
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Thanks! So far, so good! Now I hope to make a successful mold for it.
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This one's so grand it almost seems like He should be called "The King in Gold."
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Wow. Holy freaking wow. The details of the wings and robe are stunning and I love how he appears to be walking down steps. Makes me think how the people of Carcosa must have stopped and stared when he entered.

I want. So bad. I shall now haunt your page for more details :heart:
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I've always liked the original drawing. I made the relief some years ago and wanted to do a statue. I knew I could do a one off statue in sculpy, but didn't think I could make copies.  I'm hoping I have that problem solved now, and will find out when I start on the mold.
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