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The King in Yellow

The King in Yellow - Based on Robert Chambers book and
drawing. I made this from super sculpy then painted and aged it to look like an artifact. I'm making copies in resin. It's about 9"X9" . H.P. Lovecraft mentions 'The Yellow Sign' in his works and the character has been incorporated into the 'Call of Cthulhu' game.
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Love this.  Adding it to favorites
This is an incredible piece, has a real haunting & disturbing beauty to it. Just have to find the best way to display it.
You really it the mark on this Joe!
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Thank you! I think there's a little hole centered near the top of the back so it can be hung from a small finishing nail. If that's what you mean by best way ;-)
I'm considering putting it in a shadow-box with that great page you supply as documentation, along with a copy of the play
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If you do I'd enjoy seeing it.
Glad you like it.
Is this or any other of your work for sale?
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I make copies of most pieces in my gallery available for sale. Contact me at for details.
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Cthulhu I find more interesting than anything. In fact, I find most Abominations to be interesting rather than frightening. The King In Yellow is a completely different matter. I find him to be more frightening than nearly any other Abomination. More so than even The Slender Man (who is quite similar to the organ player from the third story in the original King In Yellow collection of short stories). Wonderful work my friend! There is just something so wonderfully eerie about this piece. As if it were found in the basement of a long dead scholar, who wasted his life in search of the secrets of the cursed play.
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Thank you. I'm glad you've found the figure interesting.
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An amazing work.
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Oh look, it's my new wallpaper.
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he wears no mask
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no mask...

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Ha! Wish I could take that up Robert Chambers, who wrote the book and did his own cover art (that I adapted for my relief).
Holy smokes, this is great. Has a nice antique feel to it and I like how your interpretation of Hali and Carcosa around the King in Yellow.
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Thanks! I was very pleased with how gold paint and the greenish wash really ended making the piece look old.
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That is too sweet, It looks like aged copper plate. Great work :D
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Thanks, it would be fun to really plate one of the pieces, but I'm not sure I'm ready to invest in what it would take to undertake that procedure.
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Marvellous! I have been looking forward to more submissions from you. :)
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