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The Golden Goblin - Cthulhu Mythos

The Golden Goblin –
This figure was created as a premium for supporters of a Kickstarter project undertaken by Golden Goblin Press; “Island of Ignorance – The Third Cthulhu Companion”. The original creation of Golden Goblin Press was a fictional publishing company in the Cthulhu Mythos. The publishing house first appeared in Robert E. Howard's short story "The Black Stone" (1931). Golden Goblin Press was founded in New York in 1908 by two brothers, Samuel and John Addleton, and was named after a small Native American figurine owned by one of the brothers. A story entitled “The Golden Goblins” which featured evil golden goblin idols was written by Manly Wade Wellman and published in Weird Tales, January, 1944.
The figure is 7 inches tall made from Super Sculpey, and painted. It is based on artwork created by Reuben Dodd. [link]
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Great work! Love the detail and the gold finish.
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Thanks. The gold is about the easiest paint job I've ever done and it came out pretty nice.
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Love what you did with the sketch man. You truly are a master.
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Thanks. The sketch was unambiguous, so as a guide it was great.
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:lol: He's great! You brought a lot to the design- the little bugger is quite menacing!!
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Thanks! It's really the first time I've gone mostly from someone else's design except for Cthulhu. I'm glad you think I was successful at it.
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I find it can be a real challenge to translate 2D to 3D at times, as sometimes what is depicted in 2D cannot directly translate into 3D (I was just noticing this with some sculptures inspired by Frazetta paintings, and as great as the paintings look they can't always work when they have to be fully defined in a tangible way).
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