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Piltdown Cthulhu



Initially declared a great ‘archeological discovery’ the Piltdown Man, ‘found’ in 1912 in East Sussex County, England, turned out to be one of the greatest scientific hoaxes in history. Proclaimed to be the long anticipated ‘Missing Link’, it was ultimately revealed to be nothing more than a clever mixing of human and orangutan skull and jaw pieces.  Ironically, a real discovery, made in the same area only months later, was that of what is now known as the ‘Piltdown Cthulhu’. This small stone figurine, was unearthed by a laborer, James Simmons, at the gravel pits not far from where the ‘Piltdown Man’ had allegedly been discovered.  While the Piltdown Man hoax was sustained for over forty years, poor Mr. Simmons’ discovery was dismissed almost immediately as a fraud, considered to have been perpetrated by him in an attempt to cash in on then rampant ‘Piltdown mania’. Fortunately, a newspaper account published at the time eventually came to the attention of Sir Albert Arnold Mill, archeologist and authority on the Great Old Ones, and on Cthulhu, in particular. Mill met with Simmons, who had fortunately retained possession of the artifact, and established the authenticity of the man’s find. 

Mill has written that the little stone figurine, which Simmons claimed to have found buried next to a small crude stone monolith, is a true Iron Age relic. Having been carved from solid granite in the style of the well-known ‘Baba’ statues found from Ireland to Asia, though much smaller, this figure represents Cthulhu, primary figure in the so called ‘Cthulhu Mythos’.  While many idols of Cthulhu have been found worldwide, with the design and materials defined by local cultures, with few exceptions the size of these figures seldom exceeds one foot, and they are often no more than two or three inches tall.  We can account for this phenomenon by considering that the ‘Cult of Cthulhu’ has been suppressed and persecuted since the earliest accounts of it appear in Sumerian scripts, over 5000 years old.  The constant threat of annihilation forced devoted adherents to create portable objects of worship and in most instances, save for certain isolated populations, to adopt a nomadic life style.

Piltdown Cthulhu is available for sale. The figure is 4 ½  inches tall and will be  finished as shown in the pictures.  They are $30.00 in the U.S. plus $7.00 postage.  Please contact me at for purchases.   

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What is this made of?
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Original was Monster Clay and my copies are cast in resin.
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It really looks like an artifact I take it you primarily referenced Sumerian carvings to create this from the book? This would be fun to see in the Hellboy movies or if Guillermo Del Toro ever gets around to making an epic horror blockbuster in tribute to HP Lovecraft :fingerscrossed:
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I should have taken look at the Sumerian style.  I came across this…  and…
and was intrigued by the somewhat international occurrence of the statues. The idea fits the universal aspect of the 'Cthulhu Cult' so I loosely modeled the sculpt after the style shown. 
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Very good! It does look like the sort of artifact you would expect from the Iron Age. The explanation about why we never see large statues of Cthulhu makes sense. :) (Smile) 
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Thanks.  Truthfully, the pictures don't do justice to the figure. It was simple sculpt, but I was really lucky getting a great surface texture and you can't tell it isn't really stone until you examine it closely. 
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