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Mi-Go - The Fungi from Yuggoth

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Cast resin figure of a Mi-Go as described in H.P. Lovecraft's "Whisperer in Darkness".  Figure is about 5" tall. Shown with 'Brain Cylinder' with the face and hand of poor Henry Akeley laying on the ground.  Copies are available for sale.  
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Oh, that's beautifully detailed. The face is a great touch. Clap 
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Thanks! Just in case people think the Mi-Go has a Bud Lite.

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Who needs a face when you're soaring through the solar system!  Nice work!
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Thanks, Paul. I took every mention of the critters from the story and that's what I got. HPL says 'antenna', but later says 'feelers'. Most of the time the Mi-Go get wasp like bodies, but from what I can see HPL maintains that they are 'crab-like' so I went with the wider body shape. For a sculpt that I could reproduce that made it a bit easier.

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Now that you mention it, this is a lot more crab-like than most depictions.  I guess the sleeker 'wasp' bodies seem more aerodynamic and suited for flying, but I like the wide-body look.  What inspired the color?  I was once commissioned to paint a red Cthulhu statue and canvas painting, it made for a nice change.