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Lovecraft's Cthulhu - Small Version

H.P. Lovecraft made two sketches of Cthulhu for correspondents. I used these sketches as the basis for this sculpture. Original is made from Super Sculpy and copies are cast in resin. They are painted black/green with gold highlights. This smaller version, shown with my full size (as described in 'The Call of Cthulhu) is about 4 1/2 inches tall.

Copies of this sculpture are available for $35 plus shipping.  Contact me at for details.

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Finally, a Cthulhu sculpture that reflects Lovecraft's original vision. Most times what you see are the "jacked", juicer versions. Nicely done!!
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hello awesome sculpt  do you still have any small version for sale if so how much would it be .
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Very cool!!! Nicely done... so how much for a copy of your version of Cthulhu...???
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I love Cthulu Jr. Smaller, but every last bit as detailed. This half-size version might be one that a traveling devotee such as a sailor might carry for personal observances.

As for any future projects, have you thought of doing one of Lovecraft's mole people some day?
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Big Cthulhu is an older sculpt and the little guy actually has little better detail with the scales being better rendered. A friend is currently working on a little pocket ivory scrimshaw Cthulhu that would make a totem for a sailor. I hope she finishes it soon. Not sure of the HPL mole people you mention, but I certainly liked the old 'Mole People' movie.
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The mole folk are in the story "The Lurking Fear," a favorite of mine. I don't want to give anything away if you haven't read that one, but it's a good read.
And I agree, a little pocket scrimshaw Cthulu would be a good sailor's totem. I hope your friend posts a picture of her work. It sounds interesting.
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Oh yeah, I remember. HPL did describe the burrowings of the Martense abominations as molehills. They might be fun to have a go at sometime. I'll keep 'em in mind. Thanks.
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Thanks. Otherworldly, but still with enough of the worldly for us to have a sense of identity with it. I probably won't be bothering with a Azathoth sculpt.
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I really love this. I've seen other takes on Cthulhu idols based on these drawings, but these really give an otherworldly feel. Which is how I think it should be :)
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