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Lovecraft's Brown Jenkin No. 2

I had another go at Brown Jenkin; this time he's a little more evil looking and sitting on an infant's skull with a base of disembodied faces.

After Jenkin's demise the house was torn down revealing that 'it had a ghastly layer of older materials which paralyzed the wreckers with horror. In brief, the floor was a veritable ossuary of the bones of small children'

My figure was created with super sculpey & painted. He's about seven inches tall. I make copies of this figure in resin and paint them identically to the original. 

Copies of this sculpture are available for $65 plus shipping.  Contact me at for details.

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One of lovecrafts creepiest creations. Dreams in the witch house one of my favourite stories from the master. Your interpretation of brown jenkins looks fantastic!
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I admire anyone who can conjure up such gruesome beauty from a lumpen mass,
but your abillity to not just add real life expression but to imbue an emotion is incredible!
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Thank you very much. It's a comment like yours that inspires.
GCOPhotography's avatar
Honestly, my pleasure.
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Do you have an online shop for these? :))
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Hi, I sell copies of most of the figures in the gallery. Contact me at for details. Thanks!
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My compliments! Definately creepier than the version of him that HBO did for their 'Dreams' adaptation a few years ago. The skull is a really nice touch.
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Thanks. Overall, the HBO show wasn't the worst HPL story adaptation, but I'm really looking forward to "Whisperer in Darkness" by the HPLHS.
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Very inspiring. I love to sculpt with polymer clay, but don't know much about casting. Looks like a dream from the witch-house! Great work!
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Thanks. I try to keep the overall design of the sculpts simple enough to be able to make molds more easily and the castings less likely to have pieces that can break off. It's accomplished with resin for casting, plus silicone mold rubber. .
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Good to see some new work from you! Brown Jenkin always creeped me out, and this definitely has a high creepy factor. Very nice!
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Very cool, Joe! I think the second try was well worth the effort. I think the base looks great and adds a lot to it, the skull and the distorted faces work really well. I like the hands and feet together so closely as they are, there's something interesting about having that pattern repeated.
zombiequadrille's avatar
Thanks. My wife said he looked like a study of hands and feet. As long as they look like they all belong on the same figure, I'm ok with it.
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Beautifully macabre, as ever.
I just wonder, what do you do with them - sell or keep?
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Thank you. I make molds and cast, paint, and sell copies of most of the stuff I sculpt.
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This is nice! I always imagined his face to be more pointy, but I like your approache :)
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Thanks! Lovecraft describes his face as "evilly human", so that gives one a lot of range for interpretation. Maybe my #3 (if I get to it)will have a longer rat-like snout.
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You are rigt. I'm looking forward to see the things you will do in the future! *watch*
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