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Lovecraft's Abdul Alhazred

H.P. Lovecrafts’ Abdul Alhazred of the Magi

OK, this guy is only partially my own. He started out life as one of the Three Wise Men, but decided to take another path. This was a 5 inch resin figure that I remodeled. I removed a box from his hands and replaced it with a 'Necronomicon' (and some new thumbs. Then I removed his head and re-attached it so that he is gazing at the sky. I added a bushy beard and mustache and replaced his gold crown with a regular Arabic headdress. I also made his eyes more 'open'. He then shed his colorful robes for colors more appropriate. Finally, I made a little base with a Necromonicon star for him to stand on. My thanks to the unnamed sculptor who created the basic
figure to modify.
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I could see Abdul as a Magi - It makes sense really - It's not hard to imagine an Old Arab Scholar Learning of Zoroastrianism and then of Older Gods from Babylon and Beyond in some type of  quest to understand the stars.


Considering it was The Magi of Persia who first invented Astrology - which required Astronomy right out.

It all links together very well actually.

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Ha! Well, the little figurine just suited me as a place to start with for my Alhazred, but I do find your take on it fascinating!
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Thank you. Also, as far as I can tell no one's linked Zarathustrianism and The mythos together.

Also, The word ''Magic'' comes from Magosh - the name of The Priests of said religion.

Magic was a pejorative term employed by ancient Greece - which eventually became the Catch-all term for all occult practice and Occult-related powers and ''energies''.

It all roots to Magicians as Charlatans - The Greeks supporting that only from the Gods came such power - and, in grand Greek style, they considered Magoshi, or Magi, Heathen Necromancers.


As for Alhazred, if you've ever read Arabian Nights, you'll note it would only take One trip to a Baghdad Library to pave the way for greater delvings.

And you could also link dreams in there - making a cogent link to that famous A-rab traveler whose name escapes me...

And even emphasize the source of the Necronomicon as a text, or cycle, even older and stranger than That Al-azif text - and maybe go so far as to refer to 'Azif' or Cricket-poiea, or Myth-chirps themselves.

I could go on - but I like to stay at least aside the mythos as it stands. (That Cricket thing being a reference to what 'Azif' were said to mean.)

This is REALLY clever. Very interesting way to modify something to a completely new use. Kudos on this!
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Thanks. Many years back I did a lot of model kit figure conversions so I always keep my eyes open for possibilities like this figure.
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From wise man to mad man, I love it!
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I enjoy that it was formerly part of a nativity scene
zombiequadrille's avatar
Have you looked at my Shub-Niggurath? That was a Mary figure originally. OK, just kidding.
Banjoenelbano's avatar
ha, that'd be one hell of a Nativity Scene
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haha its great to see the mad arab fleshed out.
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A friend does another version
[link] along with some other nice stuff.
ColdCutDragon's avatar
he does have some cool stuff, looks like he went with the evil dead design for the book. are you ever going to make a the book?
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Pretty schweeet. The detail on the entire thing is great. You have, like, a museum of Lovecraft sculptures. :granny:
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Lovecraft 'R' Us here...
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Nice job! Is this a part of a bigger project?
Some other humanoid (and not so humanoid) characters could be made in the same scale, for a diorama, or similar.
zombiequadrille's avatar
Wish I'd thought of that. Turn sheep into the dark young of Shub-Niggurath and the manger into R'Lyeh. The possibilities....
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Awesome job! Bonus points if you take a statue of Jesus and replace his head with Cthulhu's...
zombiequadrille's avatar
Thanks. Those sets are pretty boring after you've seen 1000 or so. A nice new born King Cthulhu would be pretty cool.
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