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H.P. Lovecraft - Yig 'The Father of Serpents'

Idol of Yig, The Father of Serpents. Based on the creation of H.P. Lovecraft and Zealia Bishop for the story "The Curse of Yig". Has little relief figures on four sides of the base; a skull-face,
a bird of prey, Tsathoggua, and Cthulhu. Download the pic for a good look at details.
Figure is a little over 8" tall. Original was made with Super Sculpey; copies are cast in resin.  Sculpture is painted to resemble aged and tarnished brass. 

Copies of this sculpture are available for $65 plus shipping.  Contact me at for details.

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Swift-Nimblefoot's avatar
I know you are not supposed to say that about a great old one, but... he is kinda adorable. :) Love that serene, almost fatherly expression on the face. Nice work!
ImpalerQueen's avatar
Ohmygod - this is beautiful! I love it.
Bracey100's avatar
Dont know why but I really dig that he uses a cane. Just adds an extra bit of character.
zombiequadrille's avatar
Thanks. Seems like a nice old  'fatherly' look for the 'Father of Serpents'.
Bracey100's avatar
Indeed it does.
nightserpent's avatar
Excellent sculpting and design, Joe! I particularly like the variety of textures, which work well with this color scheme. Scales aren't easy, I appreciate what you've done. :)
zombiequadrille's avatar
Hi Paul, thanks. It was fun adding all the details to this piece. Hey, I was wondering if you were planning to be at Necronomicon.
murfman's avatar
This looks fantastic!
zombiequadrille's avatar
Thanks. Dan suggested the crescent moon, so I made it part of Yig's head-dress.
scorpionlover42's avatar
After looking at "The Call of Cthulu" again and looking at the idols you've created, I've formed the theory that they are the sort of sculptures secret societies would use. They're large enough for good details, but small enough to be portable and easy to hide if necessary. You can imagine followers of Yig throwing up a makeshift altar and waiting to top it off with that Yig idol.
zombiequadrille's avatar
I'd like to think so, too.
JasonMcKittrick's avatar
Love it! I really like the patina on this one.
zombiequadrille's avatar
Thanks, Jason. It was Kim's suggestion and I'm pretty happy with the look.
scorpionlover42's avatar
What can I say but "Wow?!" I love the details and the texture.
zombiequadrille's avatar
Thanks. It was a fun piece to make.
Septor-BF109's avatar
Fantastic !!! Just so beautiful
zombiequadrille's avatar
Thanks. Since I like cramming details into everything the Meso-American art was perfect. I practically went blind looking at pictures of glyphs and statuary for ideas.
This one looks truly authentic, great job maestro!
zombiequadrille's avatar
Thanks. Are you still working on the grimoire? Haven't seen any posts for a bit.
I have many unfinished pages as it becomes hard to find texts that go hand in hand (or make sense at all) with the depictions. I dont like to write about Hydra with another creature underneath it. There are many other ones i want to take care off, but there's this weird side of me that wants to finish each chapter before moving on. There's no haste as the Mythos continues for many aeons to come...
Still, expect some new things in a very distant future.
zombiequadrille's avatar
Looking forward to seeing more. Perhaps you'll have to discover some ancient texts yourself so as to be able to finish the descriptions.
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