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H.P. Lovecraft - SHOGGOTH

H.P. Lovecraft - At the Mountains of Madness - A Shoggoth
- Capable of transforming into any shape, this one is in the process of becoming something really unpleasant. Original made from monster clay. Copies was cast in resin, and painted black with opalascent overspray and green eyes, it stands about 3 1/2" tall and is a little over 4" in diameter.

Copies of this sculpture are available for $35 plus shipping.  Contact me at for details.

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Is this still available? What can I say? I'm a completist!
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By far the best shoggoth sculpture I have seen to date@
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Thanks, Jason!  
Another beauty, The same that i posted on others;

 I am in a 3d printing class and would love to print this but could you post it in a STL or Obj format. Thanks, But anyway I love your art and hope you should never stop doing it.
Finally someone gets how it works! I'm a bit sick and tired with shoggoths with mouths (none are mentioned in At the Mountains of Madness) or actual eyes (there aren't any. There are green pustules that resemble or remind the main characters of eyes).

Great shoggoth, one of the few that is actually faithful to the story.
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The thing with a lot of the writing is that it is open to interpretation and/or artistic license (not so much with the gods or other races.) Not all visions of the content are the same, and while they are described a little in mom they are still protoplasmic? Anyway, this is a great representation with a lot of character (whether or not it's "busy" with proto limbs etc.) I love the texturing!  
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Thanks. I tried to stay close to the description without having the thing just be a blob, since while it's probably the most accurate it isn't very exciting.
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Very nice...! How much are you selling these for???
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Hi, they are $35 plus shipping, as are the small HPL Cthulhu sculpts. Email me at for details. Thanks!
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Very nice...!!!!!!!!!!
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Thanks. I like to think I made a generally menacing monster into a more specifically menacing monster.
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This is just a little note to let you know your artwork has been featured!: [link]

Please consider faving the article and taking a peek at the other pieces to support the other artists!
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I remember the WIP of this guy. Looks kind of like a tidal wave of terror. I'm sure the pictures are not doing the finish justice, but it does look pretty awesome.
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I quite like how fluid and amoeba-like you've made the forms, I imagine that could be quite tricky to achieve! In the bottom photos it almost looks like you've integrated LED lights into the eyes, as they really look like they glow! :)
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Yeah, the eyes are bright, but no lights (but that would be fun). The opalescent overspray made the thing crazy to photograph so I had to monkey with the image a little to get it to look like the actual figure and the already bright eye colors really popped.
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I can relate to that! :lol: My last series of Cthulhu statues were with iridescents and lots of clear and transparent effects, I just couldn't capture it in a still photo, so I did a video. That helped convey the finish much better.
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Thanks, Jason. I think it's a little better looking than some of the protoplasm blobs and yet didn't stray too far from the idea.
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