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H.P. Lovecraft - Mound Builder Cthulhu

Mound Builder Cthulhu - H.P. Lovecraft
Catalogued as #1117 - “Mound Builder Cthulhu” in the collection of Sir Albert Arnold Mill. Mill acquired the figure in 1933 from an amateur archeologist from Saint Louis who had uncovered it on a construction site west of the Cahokia Mounds area in Illinois in 1926. The figure is similar in material and craftsmanship to others found in the area and dated to the Mississippian Culture around 1400. The figure is a 3 1/2 inches tall and clearly depicts ‘Cthulhu’, namesake of the ‘Cthulhu Mythos’, providing additional evidence to the theory that the Cthulhu Cult existed in Pre-Columbian North America.

Based on the creation of H.P. Lovecraft.
Sculpted with Super Sculpey. Copies are cast in resin.  They are painted to resemble an aged ceramic.

Copies of this sculpture are available for $30 plus shipping.  Contact me at for details.

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Nice integration of the Cahokians and Cthulhu mythos! And a great statue too.
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Thank you. So many cultures, so many cthulhus!
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awww I want one of your Cthulhu sculps owo
Hi Joe - Tim Lonegan here. Fantastic sculpt. Gotta have me one of these! I'm curious about the ultracal too, so I'd prefer to go that route. I'm also interested in the recent cultist knife you created that was posted on Propnomicon, so let me know if I might acquire one. Best of all, I will definitely be attending the NecronomiCon Providence this year and anticipate you will as well so we can finally meet in person.
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Hi Tim, glad you like the new sculpts. I sent an email to you but it might be an old address. Send me a note at
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Thanks...assuming amazing is positive in this instance....
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Hey, he looks familiar ;D

I've been experimenting with the more "simplified" idols, in terms of detail and surface texture--got two sitting in a ball of curing silicone right now. Getting a nice, even, smooth surface on them is tougher than I thought it would be. Lots of fiddling.

How well does ultracal work out for casting? I was thinking of looking into using it myself.
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Yep, I finished the sculpt early last year and finally got around to posting. I think ultracal would be too weak for things with small appendages, but it takes detail well and is really hard when finished. It dries in a couple of hours and probably hardens for a much longer time.
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