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H.P. Lovecraft - Deep One Hybrid Death Mask


From De Horrore Cosmico, a collection of six original scenarios for the Cthulhu Invictus game from Golden Goblin Press.

The Death Mask of Magnus Murma: Romans honored their dead by having a wax mask of the recently departed made before their burial or cremation. A very unusual mask was found recently in Sicily, depicting one of the most famous gladiators of the age. His name was Magnus Murma, a Murmillo gladiator who was never seen in public without his full helmet on. He founded a school and passed on the mantle of his name like a title, so that there would always be a Magnus Murma performing, an eternal warriors upon the sands of countless arenas.  Upon the death of the original Magnus Murma, his helmet was removed for the casting of his death mask, and his dark secret finally revealed.     Oscar Rios

This mask of Magnus Murma, the Deep One Hybrid, was made as a backers premium for De Horrore Cosmico  is cast resin that it tinted to resemble beeswax (from which the original ancient Roman masks were made) It is roughly life sized, measuring 5 1/2" wide (wraps around 9") so if it were made flat (which it can't be) it would be 9". It is 8 1/2" tall (wraps to just over 11") that is again, if made flat - 11".

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Mark and I were just talking about how you seem to have this endless supply of clever ways to interpret the Mythos, this is yet again one of your clever concepts!  I quite like the nose gills, which is a nice way to work in the concept without having to sculpt/cast the neck region.  I've only seen plaster death masks and never heard of wax ones, could you cast them out of wax?? 
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Well, this was designed and executed by me, but credit for the idea goes to Oscar Rios. I've done a couple of 'backer rewards' for the Golden Goblin Press kickstarter projects and he approached me about possibly doing a bust of a Roman 'deep one hybrid' gladiator. Soon after he inquired about the death mask. Apparently in Roman times wealthy families would have beeswax death masks done of loved ones.  I'm planning to tint resin to resemble beeswax in the production of these. 
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Joe- he might not see your comment, as it wasn't made as a reply to his.
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This is an amazing piece.Clap  I thought "death mask" before I even read the description, which I think shows how well done this is. That long scar adds to the overall impression. :) (Smile) 
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