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Cthulhu and Elder Sign Tokens

Hoard of copper tokens recently discovered buried in a clay pot near Lydford in Devon probably dating to 997 when the village, known for its coinage, was plundered by the Danes. Images include Cthulhu, and two versions of the so called 'Elder Sign' .

When I pour resin I always make a little more than I need so created some tokens and made molds of them for my excess. They start to pile up after a time. They're about 1 1/2" in diameter, and the image is only on one side. They're painted copper and 'aged' with green paint.
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if you make them double sided, Cthulhu on one side and the elder sign (either one) on the other, I'm pretty sure players of Arkham Horror would be interested...
Damn plundering Danes!
zombiequadrille's avatar
Ah, well, at least the coins were kept from being used to finance the cultists....until now.
nathangignac's avatar
I want to buy these, too. Seriously. Get on Etsy. Please let me know once they're ready.
Sch1itzie's avatar
Awesome! Do you have any of these lying around anymore?
zombiequadrille's avatar
Thanks I probably have 100 or more laying around waiting to be sanded and painted. Send me an email and I'll let ya know when I get some finished.
base113's avatar
Definitely interested in buying some of these
Terpandre's avatar
Erdbeerprinz's avatar
OMG ! They look so damn great
zombiequadrille's avatar
Thanks. I've made some new designs since these but haven't gotten around to doing any pictures yet.
zimdrake's avatar
IS IT NOT FOR SALE YET?! Bro, you are losing TONS of money! hahah!
TJ-45's avatar
Splendid! I would love to have some of these! :) (;,;)
Amazing work! If you start putting these up for sale, I'll probably want a handful of each! Very well done.
Triville's avatar
This is great for playing Arkham Horror :D
Banjoenelbano's avatar
If you were to sell these I'd get the tree one, try using the star one and you'll be fighting off the old ones with your bare hands!
Thesis17's avatar
I would buy several of these. Nice job.
Wiredwizard42's avatar
I'd definitely buy one (of each)!
ColdCutDragon's avatar
these would make great key chains.
zombiequadrille's avatar
Good Idea. I should see if I could get a metallic resin for something like that.
ColdCutDragon's avatar
I would buy one they look cool.
gothking85's avatar
Oh please sell these soon, SOOOO SSSSSOOON!!!!!
You could make a mint (oh human money) if you sell them, I poop you NOT!!!!
DeaExNox's avatar
if you made those tokens with one of the elder signs on each side you could play an awesome game of heads or tails...
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