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Clark Ashton Smith's Sorcerer Eibon

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 Eibon is the creation of Clark Ashton Smith and was introduced in his store “The Door to Saturn”.  Eibon is a sorcerer and priest of Tsathoggua, and is the writer of the Book of Eibon, a biography of his life, his magic formulae and the rights of Tsathoggua.  He resided on the continent of Hyperborea before it was swallowed by ice.

 My sculpture of Eibon depicts him holding a scroll of his writings to become the Book of Eibon, while his right hand rests on his bronze sword.  The sculpture is made from super sculpey and painted.  I make copies of this figure from resin in two versions; one as shown, a dark metal with green verdegris, and another with an aged ivory finish.   Copies are now available from me for $50 plus postage.  Contact me at zombiequadrille@hotmail.com for details

The figure is 8 ½ inches tall
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EmmetEarwaxHobbyist Writer
Has an oriental look to it, but then again Klarkash-Ton was fascinated by the Orient.
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Very cool!  You did an amazing job with the verdigris, it's very convincing.  The braid is slightly suggestive of a spine, which I think is quite appropriate. :)
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Very good! It's easy to believe he's an important mage. Your green metal finish suggest patina well, and I'll bet it will look good in aged ivory, too. Clap 
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zombiequadrille Traditional Artist
Thanks.  I can almost imagine a life sized version looking somewhat similar.