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Only way I can get a long comment to post, because I keep getting an error "Source can not be found"

So here is my original comment on :iconxpipers-pawsx:'s art post of this :: 2011 Art Summary by xPipers-Pawsx

[Speaking of July] I must say that I thought that was a "Three-Deminsion Model" until I saw the un-canny valley, which led me to believe you actually drew it.

That meaning, HOLY MOTHER O' GOD, that IS AMAZING~!

But in serious note, I wish to tell you, :iconxpipers-pawsx:, that you should really continue your art, and I hope that if you don't mind me asking this... This being that you draw the Jet Set Radio Future people, [that is in your spare time and think you could do the main ones, Corn, er..., forgot the names, oh yeah, Combo, and well you've already done Beat, but you should totally do more, and all.

I am going to continue on, I hope you do read this and get back to me.

I think I can see improvement, not improvement that you can see at first glance and all, but rather you started to use different small changes.

Such as:

Shadowing differences, [well glow and lighting are including here]


Proportions, [always a must in 'realism']

Backgrounds [you took more time, or just used a better method to draw a 'quality' finished product]

Hair, did I mention Hair? Your motions with the brush are not in vain when they are for the hair or fur, I consider hair and fur of the same strand as they have mostly the same 'mechanics'. Mechanics being that they move in wind and water, and well just everything normal hair and fur do.

Personally I think that everyday you try and you're going to imprve just slightly if you're in a good mood, Sims joke inbound, when you have the artistic moodlet.

I believe you could be compared to a Renascence artist with the so many different styles and 'mediums' you use, I am not saying that you have: 1. Perfected anything, 2. Done a Great nor horrible job, 3. Stayed true to a certain style long enough to be considered specialized [in any thing but the art style that I would consider 'chibi feral animals' [which are wicked, just saying]]. I mean the best when I say you are a Renascence artist because of your 'different' mediums. Though this makes me ask what technical supplies you use. So, What do you use?

I must say this in 'assumption' if you do this all without a tablet July looks "HOLY SH-- You did that WITH A MOUSE!??" Also I believe I have things to learn from you, if so, and even if not I want to draw hair more realistically, I have a minor technique but yet won't always work. [using smudge, with a brush with many circles in a line] [[Note I use open-source software so finding brushes like that are very hard for me.]]

I believe that is all I can say without rambling off topic.

Put very unusually by-
-ZombiePwner5 aka ZP5 and Z

Have a great and artistic break, I hope this inspires you to continue, though my opinion doesn't really matter, eh?


I want to hear from you, my watchers if I should do a journal for every one I watch so that I can explain why I watch them, would that be ok with you? I don't want to spam you with Journals as most wouldn't read 'em if they were spammed, but I would be spreading them out as I felt like making a comment. Now I shall Leave and let you ponder that and comment.
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xPipers-Pawsx Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2011  Student Digital Artist
First off~ You are epic and so incredibly kind to do this for me. :D <3
If you want me to, I can do all of the Jet Set Radio Future characters. I have an half-finished Zero Beat lying around on my hard-drive. :D
On another note, nope, July[Lightning from FFXIII] is not a 3D model. I drew that[with a tablet, xD] in Photoshop.
What do I use, you ask? Well, I don't think the mediums are all that different, unless I'm doing some traditional art.
For digital art, I use a Wacom Bamboo tablet, but I'm getting a Bamboo Connect tablet for Christmas. I use Paint Tool SAI and Photoshop CS5/Elements 8 to draw in. :D
For traditional art... -cough- I use a number 2 pencil, computer paper, crayola colored pencils, and a sharpie. ;D /shot. Sometimes I use chalk pastels, though. :D
And thank you for comparing me to a Renaissance artist! <3 They're awesome. ^^ But yeah, I have frequently been known as 'inconsistently consistent'. ;D I'm so inconsistent that I am consistent. It's like I go in a circle... but every time I go around the circle, I get a little bit better, no? ;D
Thank you, Z! I don't think I'll ever stop drawing. It consumes too much of mind to leave it just sit that and squander a whole half of my brain. ;D

:heart: Thanks for being AWESOME~
ZombiePwner5 Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist

Firstoff, you're the epic one, and I'm just the lousy 'do-art-every-once-in-a-great-while' type artist, you are a 'do-it-every-day'. [great now I have to watch the Katt Williams bit 'every day I'm hustlin']

I am only requesting, that you attempt it, but here is what I imagined:

Take each draw them separate where they look awesome [to your opinion] and then after you do 'em you make a huge desktop with 'em.

I already found out it isn't I was just pointing out how it looked like one.

I meant that you use several different brushes digitally and all to make a huge thing that would take a longer time to do when you are trying to do it in 'traditional' sense.

I misspelled the word didn't I?

I enjoy hearing the tools of the trade and seeing how the artist uses them, differently I just recently acquired a Bamboo tablet, what am I saying I got it last Christmas season. I haven't uploaded but a few of my art pieces I've done with it.

I've been hearing about Paint Tool SAI as much as I have been about Fedora, a flavor of Linux. Where does one acquire it? I currently use .NET Paint, if it is what you want to know.

I love sharpies, i think that the company should make 'Bold' flavors, meaning that they have a darker dye then the normal or even brighter than normal. What are your thoughts on the matter?

I personally would like to also see you try to do Anthromorphic, :D, meaning like your animals mixed with :iconjay-the-wolf:.

I understand what you mean by the circle, you should do one of these every year. I'll keep posting on how I think you got better, or worse, depending on the need.

Hey it's cool, I didn't this on the fly woke up and decided to check dA and you were there and my victim. ;)

I'm glad to hear that you won't or think you won't at-least stop drawing.

I would like to hear more of your philosophy on art and I'm sure others might as well, so how about you answer the question directly after this sentence in a journal? What is your take on art and how does it affect your brain?

Stop it you're making me blush, at least I feel a burning sensation in my cheeks.

Hey Piper, check out the meaning of DFTBA.

Don't Forget To Be Awesome.

I hope you will get more watches from the ones who haven't watched you on my account.


PS Upload some traditional art as well I didn't even know you did it. ;)
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December 22, 2011