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Darkness within us
Against a shroud of darkness we find ourselves…
When we let ourselves reflect upon the past of our pains and mistakes, we can let it fester…
Left to fester, the little pest in much of it's equivalent can lead to stress yet stress can be the determinate in who is and isn't 'IT'
I recall a time when I wasn't so abrupt with changes, yet those time weren't so stressed,
now vexed within myself I fight a fight not one shown to the world,
internal, of my fight, the scars viewing by the others, unaware how to help…
yet my lust and earnest want is to get thrown into it again, so I can get over it…
If I can get through it, I can get through anything,
My supporters know me, not what I had gone through, but who I am because of it.
It isn't their need to know whom I was, but what I can become and how to shape me within what I want to not fall down into the deep abyss…
Lost but not alone, life falls to pieces,
Found and together, can bring forth the moments, of absurdit
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Drug-like Experience
Stella is like a drug,
A drug upon experience,
An Experience Shared between two,
Two People to be closer then before,
Before they were friends,
Now, not even labels affect them,
They just are.
Drug and user.
User and Drug.
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A Trade for a friend by ZombiePwner5 A Trade for a friend :iconzombiepwner5:ZombiePwner5 1 2 Wolves Calligraphy by ZombiePwner5 Wolves Calligraphy :iconzombiepwner5:ZombiePwner5 0 2
Passion It Burns, Let Us Be...
Let us be, what we set out to be,
No matter what it is to become,
Let us be what we set out to be,
Ignite in us, what we seek to be,
Ever changing, no matter what it is to be.
Let us become what it is for us to become,
as in us lies a fire beyond the tides,
and in this fire lies a fury that cannot be damasked,
with truth, unlike what is we must be what we set out,
to be, for better or worse we can be what we set out to be.
Burning inside this fire, this passion, brothers in arms,
cast aside your stones and ask, are you what you want to be?
As it is, I, if I am to be cast out, at-least I am what I set out to be.
Now join.
Let use be what we set out to be,
brethren, to the end, against the cast obscurity,
we fight, to become a taint, a mark against society,
as we are what we set out to be, even against all else,
at least we are what we set out to be.
Reap in fact, the life is established on the drive, to become ourselves not each other.
Let use be what we set out to be.
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In The Moment
Living without her must be but a dream,
The hopes and dreams of her inside,
If it could be said to sway when I dream,
I dream of her kind heart to be inside.
Hope of these dreams lead to my memories,
Of her to be with my spirits' essence,
To fend off the misguided memories,
Within dreams, the brightness of her essence.
Mem'ries made in the past for us, for now,
Make up what we call the past of what last,
Inside of our new hopes and dreams of how,
Yet we all wait for the moment to last.
     It is at once we und'stand moments are,
     For us to craft inside us, whom we are.
:iconzombiepwner5:ZombiePwner5 0 0
Drawn Lines of Vixen from a while back by ZombiePwner5 Drawn Lines of Vixen from a while back :iconzombiepwner5:ZombiePwner5 2 12
Free Write
Author's Note: Please finish reading this in one swoop and do not finish until you've read it all. Enjoy the free-write
Moving past the points of existence that exist that limit us, language, and hopes that we can never transcribe to actual truths, are that of which we were and once are to become.
The life we live, is hectic and strong willed yet we are misdirected towards what we want to become.
Would you enjoy to be what I cannot do, can you be the one that I seek.
Every night we hope for one another, yet this is not a fantasy, but an actuality but one who isn't there cannot tell the difference.
The essence of existence is to be able to merge with that of another to be able to find the external nirvana, however the first step towards this is internal manifestation that it is the one who stops us which is none other then our selves. To keep our level heads, we lie to our selves about who we are...
My friends, I am who I am today not because I sought out to be this way, I natura
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A Wolf Story, An Omega and a Beta
Authors Note: I am using a self developed language in this piece if you see it do not fear, I will put translations in italics . (soft translation) {hard translation} When applicable. DFTBA ~ZombiePwner5
Love can be seen on different scales different levels to culture or just different understanding.
Our story is of an Omega that through it all has faced, in his fold a brick wall, yet how the course of events will turn out isn't for us to know.
Let us start our tale with the couple meeting in secrecy, hiding from the clan, knowing that it would affect them disastrously if they wanted to stay together. The male, the omega, met with his mate, the female beta of the clan, in a cave where she had been waiting for him, he ducked under the lichen barrier blocking the view of the cave from the outside. The Omega stood roughly seven and a half feet, just a few inches taller than her.
“Syra'est'feli'za” The Omega spoke in his tongue.
(It's good to s
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Hoody Wolf by ZombiePwner5 Hoody Wolf :iconzombiepwner5:ZombiePwner5 1 5
#! Crunchbang

I'm running

are you feeling it

man it's incredible.

Can you DIG IT.
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1 by ZombiePwner5 1 :iconzombiepwner5:ZombiePwner5 0 0 Rose Project by ZombiePwner5 Rose Project :iconzombiepwner5:ZombiePwner5 0 0
Our History
These pages you read, whether it be by me or another,
these facts are ones, you cannot deny. We are free,
If not we'll write it out, we are the masters
of our own destinies, so let us tonight, be free.
Create our own history,
remembering the ones before us, that helped
us become who we are, from the actions that helped,
write their own history.
Let us tonight come together, and write our own....
Together or apart we are still together.
:iconzombiepwner5:ZombiePwner5 2 2
WIP - Ch 1: On the Hills of Silhilladad
03:00 GMT; On The Hills of Silhilladad {Pronouced See-il-hill-ah-dad}
"Get strapped." That's what the commanding officer said over the head-set.
"Lock-and-Load, Alpha Team!" Jacob, the leading field officer. The clammer of the guns snapping into the live positions, as they neared the drop-zone. Jacob led a group of individuals, now full on soldiers, who were ready to die for him. It is that willingness to go into battle besides their commander, that separates them from the rest, makes them the best of the best. It isn't how well they do the job, but the fact that they do the jobs, others turn away from. Jacob always was first up, he and his guys, they all knew that they could end up dead, in some off-place land in the Sharich.  Yet they pushed on-ward, the helicopter shifted, the whining of the blades as the door dropped could be heard as a deafening wail as the men clenched onto their guns. Breathing in their last few breaths, saying the words to comfort them.
"Though I wa
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A Letter To Humanity
A Letter To Humanity
What is it about you that makes you so just? So justified to come and stomp around on this earth, you don't even care any more. You see the trees, they're turning brown. "Seasons" you say, well Humanity, I'm sorry to say, but these trees aren't changing because of seasons. They're changing because of you. This earth it's grass is green, "yeah see we're doing good." Yeah because you use extra chemicals to ensure you have your pretty little 'grass'. This is a statement, not a persuasion.
You are the very thing you are fighting.
This is not a lie, do not get mad. I am a part also, but it is in that when one tells another he has done wrong, that the two should be able to work co-operatively towards one goal, a better future, not for us, for the next-generation.
I have done nothing extra, but nothing less. I am the one of the few that can see this as a test.
Join me in this quest,
Won't you please Humanity, I just don't think she can take much more.
:iconzombiepwner5:ZombiePwner5 0 1


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Mature content
::Staying After Hours:: :iconluna777:luna777 125 0


Thanks to a lovely friend of mine. I'm now confused, and happier then ever.

I'll post something Saturday Evening.


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James Leonard
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United States
A teenager maneuvering in an adult world.

Setting up his future while trying to progress through the world of life.

I am open for questions ask me any.

:llama: for a :llama:

Have fun, keep moving forward.

Quote: "Great men are remembered for their numerous great deeds, and their evils are forgotten. Evil men's great deeds are forgotten behind the shade of their bad deeds."



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