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thank you for excepting me I got idea massive Zombie cross over fan fiction idea .Would elements form Doom ,MTG ,Resident Evil,Bloodborn ,FEAR ,Left for dead ,Dead island ,Dying Light ,30 days of night ,I am Legend and many more for world full of Parasite ,Mutants ,Bio-weapons ,Undead ,Frankestine monsters ,and Infected .If any one interest talk about ti work world with me make coherent .Maybe even build RPG System for it ?
Is it ok if  post  information about my zombie society contest in one of your folders
Does anyone want to do a zombie apocalypse RP? I have a few ideas
Awesome group. Thanks for the accept!

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Flat for Teen Titans Page by hughdidit  
Its ok to post art of zombie survivors too right?
well yeah, anything zombie related is fine ! :]