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Hello once again Skyrim fans! I have not had the right amount of time to work on pepakura. In case you didn't knows, I'm painting sets for stop motion( for six inch figures), working on a Death cosplay from Darksiders 2, running my podcast, etc. I'm doing a lot so you can see what I mean when I say I didn't get to it. Just not enough hours in a day, to be honest. But, that's on me not you. Because I'm busy for the next few weeks with projects to work on, I am choosing to release at least one pepakura during the week. Every week will be a new file. All of this starts next week, and your first download will be a certain tomahawk. See you next week!
Hello internet fans!!

I wanted to share a group on Facebook with everyone, so that you can find new files besides the ones I release here. I'm not the only one posting files in this group, everyone is posting! It is called the Pepakura Library. You should check them out and join them on Facebook. There is a pinned post that everyone should read first and foremost. This group helps each other out with finding files, or posting files someone was searching for, but it wasn't in the library. I am a part of this amazing pepakura community, and this place is a great community for people who are experienced at pepakura. But it is also for people who are just starting out.

As of right now, there is something like 12,000 members. It is a massive community. I cannot stress how important they have been. I have seen great kindness and people helping others out with answers to some of the pepakura process. I encourage you to join this group. They can help anyone and are very kind about it. Seriously, check them out.…
Hello fellow watchers! This is for my fans of Skyrim. I'm also a huge poster on the forum They normall do a lot of Halo related things, and its where I learned to do pepakura for the first time. And I have never looked back. Pepakura is an amazing tool, and I have created so many things using it. Two years of Skyrim files, and now I'm creating my own pep files. Custom ones that aren't necessarily from Skyrim. Because pepakura works for everything, not just Skyrim.

No worries, as I will finish all of Skyrim before I set it down and declare I'm done. That's awhile from now, so you have a lot more files to look forward to. In the meantime, I love interacting with all of you. I normally try to answer any questions I can, and reply to as many of you as possible. However, DeviantArt isn't really good for that kind of interaction. So, if you would like to contact with me more, feel free to check out my 405th page for Skyrim stuff.…
So, I was quietly making these Hobby Horses from Alice: Madness Returns. I wanted to throw some pictures of the progress, and let the internet know I was considering releasing these files for everyone. They would have been free, just like all my other models. Keywords, would have.

I have wandered the internet and see others claiming my work as their own. Don't get me wrong, what you build is yours. You spent the time to build it and that is all you. However, most don't put out that the pepakura file they built from is not their creation. Rarely does it get mentioned that I'm the author, and it is putting a huge damper on my mind. I put countless hours into building these files, and it really makes me upset when someone claims it as their own. Now, I won't be able to stop everyone from doing that. It is an unfortunate truth, but not everyone has high morals or standards. And it ruins it for all of the people who constantly credit me and send people here for the files. All I can do is show off the files I created, and not allow any downloads.

I did this with the Transformers files I created. And I'm on the verge of doing it with the Hobby Horse files. No one should have their work credited to someone else. Honestly, I'm not sure what else to do. I thoroughly enjoy making pepakura files, so nothing will stop me from doing that. It just makes me question whether or not I should release the file for everyone. And as many of you have already seen, I do some really cool stuff, and as I get better, the more cool and interesting things you'll see. Do you really think all I do is unfold for Skyrim? I unfold anything that interests me and that I can obtain through a 3d model. And believe me, there are a lot of files out there just waiting to become the next coolest armor or weapon.

So, I'm almost at the point of not releasing the Hobby Horses at all. And it sucks for those out there that are following my posts and crediting me. I'm still doing Skyrim for the time being, but afterwards I don't know. I'll still be doing files like I said, but at the rate its going, I won't be releasing them, just showing them off. If you have any thoughts or ideas, I'd be happy to hear them.
So, its been awhile since I posted anything, and there is a logical reasoning for that. I'm done with Skyrim.

Kidding! Not even close to being done with Skyrim! My computer finally decided to give out and I needed to replace it. I'm almost done transfering all the pepakura files from one computer to another. I have to re download all the programs I used. Needless to say, I haven't forgotten about releasing files. I have just been unable to do anything about it because of said computer.

Luckily, I have managed to get a new computer. Almost everything is ready to go, and I should be back at releasing files shortly. I managed to get my hands on some Dawnguard items, so I'll see if I can tease with a few of those objects. No promises that they will unfold the way I have seen the rest of Skyrim work. But, I am giving it a good try.

Between the files I have released, and those of the great Kuraudo3, many should be covered with items from Skyrim. I know that Kuraudo3 releases his files in color, and I am totally impressed with his work. I wish I could follow and release my files that way, but I do not work within that area. I'm the type of papercrafter that uses a coat of another substance to make the project stronger. Printing color, then using the resin will distort the color. I eventually will paint over it anyway, so for me, it's a waste of ink. However, there are a great many other papercrafters who only print and assemble. Which is awesome as well. I've seen some pretty crazy paper models with textures out there. So, I'm happy that we both have files available for both types of papercrafters.

So, stay tuned, and shortly, you should see some more Skyrim coming your away from your old pal Zombie.
So, I was working on a piece the other day, sanding and cutting off pieces with my dremel when the most unfortunate thing happened. The dremel slipped, and fell into my hand. It chewed right through a good portion of my hand, and there wasn't enough skin left for stitches. Thankfully, I was wearing protective gear, so part of my glove got sucked into the dremel, jamming it up. That little bit allowed me to not be more severely hurt. I am thankful I was wearing the right gear for the job.

But, because of my damaged hand, it will be difficult for me to release files as I have been. No worries, as I am not quitting, just slowing down a bit until my hand heals. I still plan on releasing files, but to let everyone know it will be slow going.
So, E3 is happeneing this week, (Electronic Entertainment Expo) and Bethesda has been showing off the newest expansion for Skyrim, Dawnguard.  I'm truly excited about the DLC as it should add 20 hours of extra gameplay. It will retail for about $20 and if you have an xbox 360, you'll get the DLC first! Me, I have an xbox, and I'm exciting to learn that the release dat is June 26th. So, right around the corner actually.

Why am I excited? Well, besides the point that I can't wait to play new content for Skyrim, but with the previous expansions for other games, there should be new weapons and armor. Hopefully, I will be able to snag the 3D models of some of those new weapons, and then release them as pepakura files!

Again, just hoping because I'm not sure what the models for the new stuff look like yet, let alone trying to convert them into pepakura. In the mean time, I am slowly releasing more and more Skyrim files. I will stop with Skyrim when I have finished most of the game's items converted to pepakura. Until then, I'm gonna keep rolling them out!
Someone decided to say that one of my files was violating someone else's copyright. I never thought something like this would happen, but now, I cannot release the Assassin's Creed 3 Tomahawk until further notice. Never once did I take claim to the creation of the model, but I did spend the time to convert it and release it for free. Also, I did not claim to make any of the Skyrim files, so here's hoping no one else makes me take those down. I only took the material and released it in pepakura format. I am only the author of releasing the files for people to build. Also, in releasing the files for pepakura, I do NOT make any money off Bethesda's work.

I'm looking into what can be done to get the file released again, but it looks like it might take sometime. Damn others for ruining the fun of free art.
By, now, I've released a few Skyrim objects. They should be in scale with the weapons in the video game. I must admit, I'm really enjoying building these and releasing files. Seems like I've been doing a lot of weapons, and you can expect to see more weapons in the next few weeks.

As for now, it will be a little while before I release another file. This one should be released the week of the 13th through the 19th of May. Don't worry, I'm still doing things behind the scenes. I have five models ready for release, but I haven't test built them yet. I pride myself on releasing files that are as close to the real size as possible. So, once I manage to test build a few, more will come out.

I have every intention of doing armor pieces. Please don't worry. Eventually, everything I can release will be released. Until then, enjoy the weapons.
Well, followers, I have finally figured out what I'm doing and I will slowly be releasing pepakura files for Skyrim. I will be making weapons, and armor as those are the only files I have. I am trying hard to make them as close to life size as possible.

Right now, even though it isn't Skyrim related, I've released a pepakura file for Assassin's Creed 3. Email me for file.

My other files will be made available as I finish them. As of right now, there is no specific order to me releasing files. I'm just working on stuff I enjoy, and will slowly work thorough the long list of inventory items. And be warned, I might not release everything, but only time will tell.

As for now, I'm in the middle of unfolding a Skyrim dagger. In a few days or sooner, the file will be made available. Also, take note that since this is time consuming, I have no schedule to release files. They will be ready when I finish them, or someone else makes them.