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:iconzombiegoddess666:zombiegoddess666 posted a status
ok wow. so a lot uploaded today for another big update for my collection :) i've gotten rid of a few mlp characters for some brand new faces full of cuteness. i'll be making a journal for my sales post since i've cut back on a whole hell of a lot of characters so be on the lookout for that if your interested in some of my old characters. i've cut down to around 13- 14 mlp characters so i have a bunch of them up for adopt, also wen through some of my furry characters and i feel bad i can't take care of 100+ ocs but i just cant. so sell them to better more loving homes. again be on the lookout for the journal which illl be writing up after this and posting here and to a few facebook groups as well. thanks all so much for all the favs! it makes me so happy to see so many positive reactions to all my new babs i uploaded. hopefully i'll be able to afford more art of them with the characters i'm selling. (i'm really hoping for a piece with Kouhai and Solstice because i think their story is so cute..... also will be a small journal on them here soon when i get the chance) anyway sorry for the long status! 


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