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It was a bright and sunny morning as Amethyst walked out into her garden. The cold morning dew still clung to the patches of flowers. She readjusted her warm fur cape over her workbag which had been securely strapped onto her back. Amethyst glanced back at her new house, she still had butterflies same as when she first set eyes on the place just the night before. She had spent most of the night exploring each room, wandering the long halls, and unpacking her many belongings to try to fill the empty space.

From the outside the house looks very elegant. It has been built with bricks covered in render and has burgandy brick decorations. Tall, large windows let in plenty of light and have been added to the house in a very symmetric way. The house is equipped with a huge kitchen perfect for early morning breakfast and three bathrooms, it also has a fairly small living room, four bedrooms for her and any guests she may have, a small dining area, an office for her work, and a roomy basement perfect for storing her magic supplies. The building is shaped like a circle. The house is half surrounded by wooden sunscreens structures.

The second floor is the same size as the first, which has been built exactly on top of the floor below it. This floor has a slightly different style than the floor below. The roof is low and pyramid shaped and is covered with wheat straw. One large chimney pokes out the center of the roof. Rows of small windows let in plenty of light to the rooms below the roof. The house itself is surrounded by a modest garden, covered mostly in grass, a few flower patches and with a small pond.

The whole place seemed so large and open compared to her old cramped apartment back in the capitol. Amethyst shook her head, clearing her thoughts as she turned back to her walkway and trotted out to the dirt road.  She had only walked a little whiles before the town came into view. The town itself looks gorgeous. With its mahogany wood rooftops, ceramic tile walls and huge, majestic windmill, overall it had a very inviting atmosphere. The main attraction is the windmill, she was told it was built 126 years ago by the earth pony family who had founded the town.

Amethyst smiled awkwardly as she passed the tavern at the edge of town, it reeked of booze and always had loud noises coming from inside, she thought about maybe stopping in after the school day was over but decided against it. She continued to look around the main street on her way to work. Amethyst stopped by a sweet smelling bakery to grab a chocolate chocolate chunk muffin quickly on her morning commute. She thanked the shop keep and took the first bite as she stepped back out onto the street almost clashing into a bunch of students.

 Amethyst noticed their uniforms as she briefly apologized, the 2 girl ponies in their short teired lavender skirts and white thigh highs, and the 3 male ponies in their khaki trousers. All of their white buttoned up shirts neatly tucked, and their lavender ties tied loosely around their necks and finally their khaki jackets with the school logo ironed skillfully to the breast pockets. The students acknowledged her apology with sweet smiles and continued on their way.

Amethyst sighed to herself, "what a great first impression," she muttered as she stood there steadying herself.
"Who're you trying to impress?" A perky voice came from behind Amethyst making her jump in surprise, she turned to see another student a small white unicorn with bright happy blue eyes staring at her with anticipation, the little unicorn wore the same uniform but also had a pastel flower crown layed upon her long purple ombre hair which also had little white flowers weaved in throughout.

"Ah- uh" Amethyst stuttered, "No one in particular" she blushed flustered. The student started to laugh, a tinkling laugh that fit her small stature.

"Lemme guess, you're the new professor?" The unicorn said lightly as her laughter faded. "It's nice to meet you,  Im Moon Petal. " she stuck out her hoof to Amethyst.

"Im Amethyst,  I'll be starting at the college today" Amethyst shook Moon Petals hoof.

"Well Professor Amethyst,  I have the feeling we're gonna be the best of friends."  Moon Petal threw her arm around Amethyst's neck and smiled at her.

Amethyst looked at the unicorn not knowing how to feel about her. Friends with a student seemd like trouble in the making, but she would like a local to show her the ins and outs of the town. "Im not sure about friends quite yet" she lowered herself out from underneath the students arm, "but i would like to get a tour if you would be free after class."

Moon Petal's smile grew even larger "Of course i have time! Itd be a pleasure." She gave a little happy dance which Amethyst couldnt help but smile at.

"Thank you,  now we better head off before we're both late for our first day. " Amethyst started trotting off in the direction of the school, the little white unicorn followed behind,  the huge grin still plastered on her face. 

Amethyst and Moon Petal trotted side by side down the road, filling the silence with small chit chat about Amethyst and her old life back in the Capitol.  Moon seemed infatuated with the thought of the big city. Finally the College came into view, large and Intimidating. The old castle stood towering over the rest of the town.

Nine strong, round towers tower above all, they're linked with small bridges and are connected by large, solid walls made of light grey stone.
Small windows are scattered generously around the walls in seeminly perfect symmetry, along with symmetric holes for archers and artillery use to guard the castles past ruler, now they sit vacant and empty.

A sizable gate with large metal doors and various artillery equipment protects those in need from what use to be the treacherous lands outside and it's the only way in or out of the College.

Well kept gardens with fragrant flowers, gorgeous trees and many bushes decorate the outside of the castle similar to the garden Amethyst had outside her home. This castle has stood the test of time, and she thought it would be standing for a long time coming.

They walked thro the garden up to the gates. Moon Petal looked to Amethyst with an almost sad look, "Guess this is where we part, my first class is starting soon.  You should probably start at the Headmaster's office to let him know that youre here." Amethyst nodded in agreement, "Guess ill see you later then. " Moon Petal took off at a brisk walk down one of the corridors and Amethyst turned and headed towards the main office.

The College corridors where cool and naturally lit from the windows lining the wall, they were mazelike and one could easily get lost if they didn't know their way around. Luckily the Headmaster sent Amethyst a map with the rest of her transfer paperwork. Her mind wandered as she walked the corridors finding her way but also kind of exploring.  

Finally two large oak doors appeared at the end of the hall, the Headmaster's office.  Amethyst opened the door with her magic and walked through the entry way. A large dark oak desk sat opposite the door, the walls covered feom floor to ceiling with bookshelves on both sides and a giant window sat illuminating the room behind the desk. A large brooding figure sat at the desk, his head buried behind a mound a paperwork seemingly oblivious to Amethyst's entrance.

She awkwardly cleared her throat, the figures head popped up and a pair of bright green eyes locked onto Amethyst.  She chuckled half heartedly "Good morning Headmaster Hooves, Im Amethyst im suppose to be starting here today." Headmaster Hooves stared for a moment, then a large grin broke across his face, his eyes gleaming. The alicorn stood from his desk and wrapped Amethyst is a warm hug. His white legs squeezed her too tight and his long pastel mane tangled her in a mess of blonde blue and lavender. 

"Amy my sweet child!" Headmaster Hooves voiced boomed out, "Ive been waiting for your arrival for so long!" He released Amethyst from his strong grip. "How long has it been? 4 years, 5?"

"4 years since we last met Sky." Amethyst chuckled and shook her head. Last time Sky Hooves and Amethyst Gem were in the same room they were both graduating from school in the City of Roses. They had been classmates and also very close friends. Sadly after graduation they both went their separate ways.  

3 bells chimed and Headmaster Hooves seemed to come back to reality.  "We'll have to catch up  later, now lets get you to class." He walked out of his office expecting Amethyst to follow.

To be continued
The country of Wildeforest. Built upon the bravery, love and friendship of its past, this is now among the most unfortunate countries in its corner of the world.
Their clean water, hygiene and life expectancy are among its current greatest strengths. Unfortunately they lack a lot in export and education.

Wildeforest is a democratic state.  There are no real opposing groups against the current leadership and this doesn't appear to be changing any time soon.
However, the current greatest threat to the nation is a dark force released from the Eldergrove but the current leadership is implementing a solution to solve this issue.

The people are jolly. They live enjoyable lives and while export is really lacking, their clean water helps relief some of their issues.
Religion holds much importance in their lives and, if anything, has made them more cautious. The people  are moderately spiritual as well and they have special rituals and beautiful customs.

 the country's flag, which has two horizontal and 1 vertical stripe in light pink and light gold. Their coat of arms are two cats surrounded by small stars

Law enforcement
has docile laws and law enforcement, which is fairly normal.  The people are mellow due to a peaceful society, thanks to treasures and secrets they found ages ago.

The country is a vast country with a population of 43330 creatures
Bordered between the mountians to the North, a wide river to the South, thick forests to the East and a small ocean to the West, the country of Udor mainly lives of engineering, crafting and animal breeding.
Wildeforest itself is mainly covered in thick forests and has a tropical climate, which has lead to a compactly concentrated population, despite the number of people, which means most of them live in large villages.
The country's landscape is cheerful; luscious fields, dramatic mountain views and pink blossom forests are just a sliver of the richness Udor has to offer, which is why the country is loved among foreigners.

The people are welcoming towards foreigners and tend to welcome them with heartiness. They feel foreigners could augment the country's well being.

-This regional law dictates all those found guilty of the destruction of crops will face the punishment of short term solitary confinement.
- This national law dictates all those found guilty of breaking, repairing and entering will face the punishment of  compensation to the victims in servitude.
- This international law dictates all those found guilty of continuing to be a public nuisance will face the punishment of a long term exile.
-This international law dictates all those found guilty of public drunkenness in the morning will face the punishment of short term public service.
- This provincial law dictates all those found guilty of harming an officer of the law in any way will face the punishment  loss of civil privileges.
- This local law dictates all those found guilty of negligent animal abuse will face the  punishment of branding.

Followers of the Three is an ancient belief system revolving around spirituality with nature. Their main teachings revolve around virtues and honesty, and these teachings are often passed on through teachings come from experiences and lessons and communal celebrations.  Wildeforest teachings come from spiritual leaders given a role of mentorship. They often express their beliefs through paintings, statues and dance.
Despite being an ancient belief system, _ has yet to be officially recognized in many countries across the world. Those who are part of this belief system see  Followers of three a way to find a purpose in life.

- it is tradition to wear a crown of flowers when you get married. It's supposed to strengthen the bond between the now united couple.
-it is tradition for women to prepare a traditional ornament piece on the summer solstice. It's supposed to be a symbol of femininity and discipline and it's usually part of a larger life ceremony that can last for a week.

Cities & Towns
City of Roses (the capital) -
The City of Roses was built at the center of a dangerous forest and is truly an extraordinary curiosity. Its uniqueness is matched by the backdrop of lush forests which have helped shape the city to what it is today.
The riches these forests brought were of great importance, but they were also influential when it came to architectural designs as the vast majority of buildings have been built with both materials and stylistic shapes of the forests.

Summerswind Castle/Rose Hold
Five broad, square towers dominate the sky line of this massive castle and are connected by towering, heavy walls made of green stone.
Ornate windows are scattered here and there across the walls in an asymmetric pattern, along with holes of various sizes for archers and artillery.
A moderate gate with great metal doors, a regular bridge and large crenelations gives a safe place to rest in this forest stronghold, but it's not the only way in, but it'll be your best shot if you wish to conquer this castle.
Various large houses are scattered outside the castle gates, surprisingly the rich are comfortable with living outside the gates as well. This castle has stood the test of time, it stood it well, but cracks begin to show here and there.

Throne room
Polished braziers at the bottoms of each of the sixteen travertine columns light up every part of the throne hall and radiate warmth across this hall. The paintings of vast landscapes on the arched ceiling dance in the flickering light while sculptures look down upon the porcelain floor of this sublime hall.
An amber rug runs from the throne to the doors and is matched by smaller ones on either side of the hall while swallow tail banners with emblazoned margins hang from the walls. Between each banner hangs a lantern, a few of them have been lit and in turn illuminate the depictions of heroes and legends below them.
Tall, stained glass windows depicting ancient legends are bordered by draperies colored the same amber as the banners. The curtains have been adorned with embellished borders and gilded linings.
A majestic throne of gold sits below a grand chandelier and is adjoined by three equally lavish seats for visiting dignitaries.
The throne is covered in gilded emblems and fixed on each of the wide armrests is a ruby sun. The thin pillows are a light amber and these too have been adorned with golden margins.
Those wishing to witness their royal highness can do so on the abundance of luxurious and comfortable alder benches, all of which are facing the throne. Those of higher standing can instead take seat in the gorgeous balustrades facing the throne.

A luxurious field of grass is encircled by aromatic hedges, flower bushes, and shrubs. A fountain stands in the front right of the garden, always tinkling with the sound of water. A greenhouse stands in the left corner of the garden, offering a plethora of more exotic species. the smaller flower bushes are pretty much overgrown, taken over by the other, bigger rose bushes; they're a delight for butterflies. The hedges, flower bushes, and shrubs reach 1.5m/5ft high, but this is deliberate, as they grow far bigger in the wild. A path of limestone twists around the garden, offering a glimpse of the best spots. Grass compete with each other for the best and the most land in the garden, each keen to claim it all.
The fountain eternally beckons all visitors, drawing all attention toward it. The smaller flower bushes are hard to miss, and the hedges, flower bushes, and shrubs usually look amazing, but the focus is just simply on the fountain.

Dodge haven-
Positioned on the turn of the Evergreen river, the town of Dodge Haven is home to all kinds lead by Mayor Feather Hooves.
This town wasn't built by a river by accident, as it has an abundance of minerals, which is of great importance to the people of Dodge Haven and its success.
The town itself looks humble. With its redwood rooftops, cypress wood walls and foggy fields filled with fireflies, Dodge Haven has a heavenly atmospher.
The main attraction is the tavern, which was built 33 years ago and designed by pirates.
Dodge Haven has a prospering economy, which is mainly supported by tailoring, trading and mining. But their biggest strengths are intricate jewelcrafting and master engineering. However, Dodge haven lacks people skilled in herbalism.

From the outside it looks clean, folksy and well maintained. Timber and marble pillars make up most of the building's outer structure.
It's tough to see through the small, stained glass windows, but the entertainment from within can be felt outside.

As you enter the tavern through the hardwooden door, you're welcomed by a sense of home and dancing people.
The bartender is a little preoccupied, but still manages to welcome you with a smile.

It's as alluring inside as it is on the outside. Tree logs support the upper floor and the decorational lights attached to them. The walls are littered with so many different memorabilia, you're not sure if they tried going for a specific style at one time or just put up anything they like..

The tavern itself is packed. Travelers seem to be the primary clientele here, which often indicates great food. Several long tables are occupied by, what seems to be one large group of people. The other, smaller tables are also occupied by people who seem to be enjoying themselves a lot, perhaps too much, if such a thing is possible. Even most of the stools at the bar are occupied, though nobody seems to mind more company.

You did hear rumors about this tavern, supposedly it's famous for something, but you can't remember what for. Though judging by the warmth and joy radiating throught the tavern, it's probably the atmosphere that makes this tavern famous. You manage to find a seat and prepare for what will undoubtedbly be a great evening.

Surrounding Forest
The forest was modest, thick, and verdant. Its canopy was marked by hickory, spruce, and chestnut, who permitted ample, shimmering lights to descend for a mishmash of mushrooms to monopolize the flat, fertile grounds below.
Curling creepers drooped from most trees, and an array of flowers, which clung to any space they could find, added playful elements to the otherwise dark forest floor.
A discord of beastly noises, most belonged to rummaging critters, reverberated through the air, and were backed by the raging river currents clashing against boulders.

Town Farm
bordered only by the thick forests in the distance. All around you goats and deer gently grazed and ran in the lush pastures, and making its way through some of the fields ran a weed-ridden, cobblestone road.
The road eventually reached an immense farmhouse with a modest courtyard. The farmhouse was fairly new, and thus still in great condition. A huge stable housed dozens of horses, an outdoor kitchen including a clay oven was built to the side of the courtyard, and a stork's nest could be seen atop the silo roof. The farm had a familiar feel to it, mainly thanks to the smell of home cooked food clinging to the air.

Glimmer Grove-
Constructed on the right side of a woodlands, the village  is home to mostly Unicorns lead by Major Almar.
This village wasn't built by a woodlands by accident, as it has precious gems, which is of great importance to the ponies and its success.

- The town itself looks graceful. With its oak wood rooftops, wheat straw walls and vibrant, rare trees, has a pleasant atmosphere.
-The main attraction is the lumber mill, which was built 28 years ago and designed by an old unicorn near the founding of the town.
-has an healthy economy, which is mainly supported by sophisticated cooking and delicate woodcrafting.

Dragon Rock-
Set above a waterfall, the town of Dragonrock is home to Miners lead by Captain Masser.
This town wasn't built by a waterfall by accident, as it has precious gems, which is of great importance to the people and its success.

The town itself looks magical. With its gemstone rooftops, stone veneer walls and vibrant, rare trees, Dragonrock has a whimsical atmosphere.
The main attraction is the hotel, which was built 58 years ago and designed by wood elves.

- has a prosperous economy, which is mainly supported by alchemy, mining and baking. But their biggest strengths are delicate woodcrafting and intricate Blacksmithing.
However, lacks people skilled in animal breeding.

Autumn shade-
Raised on the western side of a forest, the city of Autumnshade is home to crafters lead by Duchess Falcon.
This city wasn't built by a forest by accident, as it has fertile soils, which is of great importance.

The city itself looks graceful. With its wheat straw rooftops, yew wood walls and Colorful Trees, Autumnshade has a magical atmosphere.
The main attraction is the farm, which was built 41 years ago and designed by earth ponies

-has a booming  economy, which is mainly supported by farming, baking and leatherworking. But their biggest strengths are skilled in the art of war and highly skilled thieving.

Erected on the dark side of a cave, the burg of Winterborough is home to earth ponies lead by Officer Dulgarn.
This burg wasn't built by a cave by accident, as it has an ancient water source, which is of great importance to the people and its success.

Winterborugh itself looks majestic. With its black wooden rooftops, lavastone walls  and majestic fjords, it has a slow yet magical atmosphere.

The main attraction is the ancient water source found within the cave
-has a failing economy, which is mainly supported by mining and jewelcrafting. But their biggest strength is advanced armorsmithing.

Rouge Rest-

Moon Mount- Fabricated on the light side of the mountain, where the mountain range meets the sea, thats where you'll find the city of Moon Mount. The city itself looks gorgeous. With its yew wood rooftops, cypress wood walls and silent mountain range. The main attraction is the library. Moon Mount has a breaking economy, which is mainly supported by farming, woodcrafting and weaponsmithing. their biggest strengths are rare wood production and elaborate beer brewing techniques.
Name: Luminance
Gender: Female
Race: Pegasus
Talent: Creates Different Light Fixtures
Hobby: Shopping (she stress shops )
Personality: Positive Attitude, empathetic and loving, cautious.

Other Info
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Food: Hay Fries
Hometown: Ponyville
Current Town: Dodge Haven
Cutie Mark: None
Relationship Status: Single
Likes: Clouds, Rainbows , Rain, Light fixtures.
Dislikes: the darkness, studying, sleeping, and not flying.  

Background Info

Childhood: Had a good childhood with her two best friends Feather hooves, and Fall Flannel.

Cutie Mark: None

Job: Creating Stylish Light Fixtures for every one.



Detailed INFO:

Full name: Luminance  Light

Nicknames or aliases: Lumi


Birthday: September 30th

Astrological sign: Libra

Sexuality: Straight

Nationality: Equestrian

Place of birth: Ponyville Hospital

Place they currently live in: Dodge Haven

Religion: Celestian

Languages spoken: English

Native language: English

Relationship Status: Single


Height: 4 foot 5 inches

Weight: 125 pounds

Figure/build: Small and thin

Voice: Silvery, Light, Clear, and Pleasant

Skin or fur or scales etc. colour:  Light Blue

Eye colour: pink

Hair colour: pink and purple

Hairstyle: long and choppy with a bow

Piercings: none



Other distinguishing marks: dark gradient on her wings

Preferred style of clothing: usually just her daily bow.

Frequently worn jewellery: just her pink bow


Alcohol: none

Smoker: none

Drugs: none

Allergies: Cucumber

Physical disabilities or ilnesses: none

Mental disabilities or ilnesses: none

Regular medication: none



Personality:Tries to always have a positive attitude, empathetic to her friends and overly loving, cautious in almost all situations even those that dont call for it.

Distinctive habits and/or manoeuvres:  never likes to land on the ground for too long, when she lands she often twitches her wings itching to use them again.

Likes: Clouds and Rainy days, Rainbows after a long hard rain shower , and Light fixtures to chase away the darkness.

Dislikes: the darkness, studying, sleeping, and not flying.  

Goals: To become a successful business pony

Dreams: To own a shop in every major city in equestria

Fears: losing her shop

Favourite things: Her Shop 

Least favourite things: being in the dark


Talents and skills: flying and light making

Supernatural talents and skills: flying


Their house and/or home:

Significant and important belongings: just her shop

Pets: none


Level of education: College

Qualifications: experience creating light fixtures

Current job title and description: craftsman

Name of employer: none


Peaceful or aggressive attitude?Peaceful

Fighting skills/techniques: fast flying

Weapon of choice (if any): none

Weaknesses in combat: is scared of violence 

Strengths in combat: she's a fast flyer if scared

Name: Ebony Breeze
Gender: Female
Type: Raptor tail pony
Talent: Scaving
Hobby: Adventuring
Personality: Fairly Happy, danger loving and protective of Kirin's Kraft's. 
Other info: She searches for precious metals for Kirin's Kraft's.  She's loyal and usually a pretty happy pony but a bit grumpy when she gets hungry. She guards my characters Shop from thieves and is known by the town guard.  She's popular with the kids in the town but adults are still weary of him due to her raptor tail.

More info
Species: Raptor Tailed Pony
Gender: Female
Favorite color: Green
Favorite food: Hay Burger
Hometown: Dragon Kingdom
Current Town: Dodge Haven
Cutie Mark: None

-Sphalerite's trusty assistant  who is a Raptor Tail Pony who helps Sphalerite gather gems and precious metals from the dangerous nearby ruins.

Full name: Ebony Breeze

Nicknames or aliases: Ebony

Species: Raptor Tail Pony

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Birthday: April 18th

Astrological sign: Aries

Sexuality: Lesbian

Nationality: Dragon Kingdom

Place of birth: Golden Spring

Place they currently live in: Dodge Haven

Religion: None

Languages spoken: English

Native language: English

Relationship Status: Taken 


Height: 4 foot 5 inches

Weight: 180 pounds

Figure/build: Built

Voice: Smooth and Soft

Skin or fur or scales etc. colour:  Deep red black and pale yellow

Eye colour: Gold

Hair colour: Black

Hairstyle: tied back and long

Piercings: none


Scars: none

Other distinguishing marks: her gold eye shadow

Preferred style of clothing: Alternative

Frequently worn jeweler: her collar, and her trophy tooth necklace and her tail head has a matching one.


Alcohol: none

Smoker: none

Drugs: none

Allergies: peanut butter

Physical disabilities or illnesses: none

Mental disabilities or illnesses: none

Regular medication: none

Phobias: clowns


Personality:  Fairly Happy, danger loving and protective of Kirin's Kraft's. 

Distinctive habits and/or maneuvers: Usually tends to stay close to home if she's in town.

Name of employer: Sahperlite Shine


Peaceful or aggressive attitude: Aggressive

Fighting skills/techniques: Flights and Raptor Tail

Weapon of choice (if any): her wings and tail

Weaknesses in combat: the weight of her tail slows her down

Strengths in combat: offensively strong.  

by phantomFox777 by zombiegoddess666
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