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It was a bright and sunny morning as Amethyst walked out into her garden. The cold morning dew still clung to the patches of flowers. She readjusted her warm fur cape over her workbag which had been securely strapped onto her back. Amethyst glanced back at her new house, she still had butterflies same as when she first set eyes on the place just the night before. She had spent most of the night exploring each room, wandering the long halls, and unpacking her many belongings to try to fill the empty space.

From the outside the house looks very elegant. It has been built with bricks covered in render and has burgandy brick decorations. Tall, large windows let in plenty of light and have been added to the house in a very symmetric way. The house is equipped with a huge kitchen perfect for early morning breakfast and three bathrooms, it also has a fairly small living room, four bedrooms for her and any guests she may have, a small dining area, an office for her work, and a roomy basement perfect for storing her magic supplies. The building is shaped like a circle. The house is half surrounded by wooden sunscreens structures.

The second floor is the same size as the first, which has been built exactly on top of the floor below it. This floor has a slightly different style than the floor below. The roof is low and pyramid shaped and is covered with wheat straw. One large chimney pokes out the center of the roof. Rows of small windows let in plenty of light to the rooms below the roof. The house itself is surrounded by a modest garden, covered mostly in grass, a few flower patches and with a small pond.

The whole place seemed so large and open compared to her old cramped apartment back in the capitol. Amethyst shook her head, clearing her thoughts as she turned back to her walkway and trotted out to the dirt road.  She had only walked a little whiles before the town came into view. The town itself looks gorgeous. With its mahogany wood rooftops, ceramic tile walls and huge, majestic windmill, overall it had a very inviting atmosphere. The main attraction is the windmill, she was told it was built 126 years ago by the earth pony family who had founded the town.

Amethyst smiled awkwardly as she passed the tavern at the edge of town, it reeked of booze and always had loud noises coming from inside, she thought about maybe stopping in after the school day was over but decided against it. She continued to look around the main street on her way to work. Amethyst stopped by a sweet smelling bakery to grab a chocolate chocolate chunk muffin quickly on her morning commute. She thanked the shop keep and took the first bite as she stepped back out onto the street almost clashing into a bunch of students.

 Amethyst noticed their uniforms as she briefly apologized, the 2 girl ponies in their short teired lavender skirts and white thigh highs, and the 3 male ponies in their khaki trousers. All of their white buttoned up shirts neatly tucked, and their lavender ties tied loosely around their necks and finally their khaki jackets with the school logo ironed skillfully to the breast pockets. The students acknowledged her apology with sweet smiles and continued on their way.

Amethyst sighed to herself, "what a great first impression," she muttered as she stood there steadying herself.
"Who're you trying to impress?" A perky voice came from behind Amethyst making her jump in surprise, she turned to see another student a small white unicorn with bright happy blue eyes staring at her with anticipation, the little unicorn wore the same uniform but also had a pastel flower crown layed upon her long purple ombre hair which also had little white flowers weaved in throughout.

"Ah- uh" Amethyst stuttered, "No one in particular" she blushed flustered. The student started to laugh, a tinkling laugh that fit her small stature.

"Lemme guess, you're the new professor?" The unicorn said lightly as her laughter faded. "It's nice to meet you,  Im Moon Petal. " she stuck out her hoof to Amethyst.

"Im Amethyst,  I'll be starting at the college today" Amethyst shook Moon Petals hoof.

"Well Professor Amethyst,  I have the feeling we're gonna be the best of friends."  Moon Petal threw her arm around Amethyst's neck and smiled at her.

Amethyst looked at the unicorn not knowing how to feel about her. Friends with a student seemd like trouble in the making, but she would like a local to show her the ins and outs of the town. "Im not sure about friends quite yet" she lowered herself out from underneath the students arm, "but i would like to get a tour if you would be free after class."

Moon Petal's smile grew even larger "Of course i have time! Itd be a pleasure." She gave a little happy dance which Amethyst couldnt help but smile at.

"Thank you,  now we better head off before we're both late for our first day. " Amethyst started trotting off in the direction of the school, the little white unicorn followed behind,  the huge grin still plastered on her face. 

Amethyst and Moon Petal trotted side by side down the road, filling the silence with small chit chat about Amethyst and her old life back in the Capitol.  Moon seemed infatuated with the thought of the big city. Finally the College came into view, large and Intimidating. The old castle stood towering over the rest of the town.

Nine strong, round towers tower above all, they're linked with small bridges and are connected by large, solid walls made of light grey stone.
Small windows are scattered generously around the walls in seeminly perfect symmetry, along with symmetric holes for archers and artillery use to guard the castles past ruler, now they sit vacant and empty.

A sizable gate with large metal doors and various artillery equipment protects those in need from what use to be the treacherous lands outside and it's the only way in or out of the College.

Well kept gardens with fragrant flowers, gorgeous trees and many bushes decorate the outside of the castle similar to the garden Amethyst had outside her home. This castle has stood the test of time, and she thought it would be standing for a long time coming.

They walked thro the garden up to the gates. Moon Petal looked to Amethyst with an almost sad look, "Guess this is where we part, my first class is starting soon.  You should probably start at the Headmaster's office to let him know that youre here." Amethyst nodded in agreement, "Guess ill see you later then. " Moon Petal took off at a brisk walk down one of the corridors and Amethyst turned and headed towards the main office.

The College corridors where cool and naturally lit from the windows lining the wall, they were mazelike and one could easily get lost if they didn't know their way around. Luckily the Headmaster sent Amethyst a map with the rest of her transfer paperwork. Her mind wandered as she walked the corridors finding her way but also kind of exploring.  

Finally two large oak doors appeared at the end of the hall, the Headmaster's office.  Amethyst opened the door with her magic and walked through the entry way. A large dark oak desk sat opposite the door, the walls covered feom floor to ceiling with bookshelves on both sides and a giant window sat illuminating the room behind the desk. A large brooding figure sat at the desk, his head buried behind a mound a paperwork seemingly oblivious to Amethyst's entrance.

She awkwardly cleared her throat, the figures head popped up and a pair of bright green eyes locked onto Amethyst.  She chuckled half heartedly "Good morning Headmaster Hooves, Im Amethyst im suppose to be starting here today." Headmaster Hooves stared for a moment, then a large grin broke across his face, his eyes gleaming. The alicorn stood from his desk and wrapped Amethyst is a warm hug. His white legs squeezed her too tight and his long pastel mane tangled her in a mess of blonde blue and lavender. 

"Amy my sweet child!" Headmaster Hooves voiced boomed out, "Ive been waiting for your arrival for so long!" He released Amethyst from his strong grip. "How long has it been? 4 years, 5?"

"4 years since we last met Sky." Amethyst chuckled and shook her head. Last time Sky Hooves and Amethyst Gem were in the same room they were both graduating from school in the City of Roses. They had been classmates and also very close friends. Sadly after graduation they both went their separate ways.  

3 bells chimed and Headmaster Hooves seemed to come back to reality.  "We'll have to catch up  later, now lets get you to class." He walked out of his office expecting Amethyst to follow.

To be continued


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