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[JR] Guacamole Welcome Party - Full Story by ZombieGarou, literature

[JR] WTA - Welcome Guacamole Party by ZombieGarou, literature

Artist // Hobbyist // Varied
  • July 18, 1988
  • Germany
  • Deviant for 12 years
My Bio
Hi there,

Im from germany and am quite shy but always happy to meet new people. =)
Im more of an Hobbyist, I like to draw,sew and craft (clay,felt,pappermaché...).
I hope to egt better at what Im doing and am alway happy when someone give me fair critique or tipps on what to make better. =)
I like cute stuff (escpecialy cute species) but also horror and gore.

Also Im offering Steam Game Keys for Myo slots,Adopts etc
and random steam keys for a few points,
come and take a look <3

Feel free to ask me anything :3

Favourite Movies
Pixar movies,
Favourite Games
Final Fantasy,Shin Megami Tensei,Persona,Fallout, Mass Effect,
Favourite Gaming Platform
Other Interests
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Hi there! We are currently updating our MYO system and Masterlist, your MYO Slot has moved locations.


Unused MYO Slot- ZombieGarou

Thanks alot for letting me know <3

thanks for the fav :3

Youre welcome :3

*places gift*

walpurgisnacht event: Glad you like the cake

Hope you like ^^

Yeees I love it, so funny :D <3

Haha I'd glad you like it XD