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Act V: Spilt Blood
Act V: Spilt Blood
Agonizing shrieks were muffled out behind the surgery room door. It was torment for the pacifist, Dr. Morrow, to inflict such anguish. But if the doctor didn't, the neighbor would do horrendous things to him, like he did to his family. He walked out to the front desk, only two more patients. One had a cast on his leg, the other was a gruff man smoking a cigar. The doctor would say something, but he may be with "him" so he allowed it. It was time for the man's appointment so he took him to the back room and had him lie down. He needed to finish this quick and quiet. He began to reach for the lethal injection. He walked towards him when suddenly, a gunshot blew his hand clean off. He was kicked over and a boot slammed on his neck.
"Wh-What?" said the doctor squeemishly.
"You are under arrest by Swat Captain Eric Karloff, WHERE THE FUCK IS HE?!?"
" He's... He's next door"
The doctor's head splattered as the slug made contact.
:iconzombiefied-4-life:zOmBiEfIeD-4-LiFe 1 1
Act IV: The Last Laugh
Act IV: The Last Laugh
A man named Leopald was waiting outside an apartment. It's been about a year since the execution of Lester. Since then He has been searching for the man called Nox. He did discover  the location of one of Nox's associates, an old landlord that live on the second floor of an art studio.  He entered the apartment and searched his room yet he was nowhere to be found.
He then heard a noise on the floor below him. He went down and knocked on the door. As soon as the door opened he fired. He then looked at the corpse. "Sick freak, weirdest guy I'll ever see." he thought. He peered out the window and saw CIA agents.
He bolted for the fire escape. "Shit!" he muttered as police had barricaded the roads behind their as well. He heard loud noises inside the building and quickly ducked into a nearby manhole.
Hours Later...
Once he realized he had lost them, sat down and rested. He then glanced at what appeared to be the shadow of Lester. He began walking
:iconzombiefied-4-life:zOmBiEfIeD-4-LiFe 1 3
Act III: A True Monster
Part III: A True Monstrosity
"He- Help us. There some kind of monster in here." The man said over his radio. "I'm part of the Police force raiding the building on--"
Two massive hands wrapped around his neck. He turned around to see a giant man, his hair a tangled mess that covered most of his face. One eye glimmered through the mess, a small bloodshot eye that had no pupil. He strapped the officer down to a concrete slab. He then cut a slit in him, reached in and yanked out one of his ribs. The yelped with pain. He then sewed the hole shut and then sewed his mouth closed.
"I'll come back when I need some spares" He said as he walked away, grinning his decayed dark yellow teeth.
That man's name was Trenton "Grimm" Grundy. The police knew of the atrocities he committed. But no one dared to go near there. An entire SWAT force went missing there. He searched through the car outside and heard a police broadcast.
"Dead body of Artist found in studio"
He smiled, "sounds appetizing..."
He gra
:iconzombiefied-4-life:zOmBiEfIeD-4-LiFe 1 3
Act II: From Comedy to Tragedy
Part Two: From Comedy to Tragedy
A successful comedy duo, Lester & Leopald were done with one of their stand-up slapstick routines and were taking a taxi back to their apartment. Lester, a tall skinny twig-like man, and Leopald, a short overweight man, had been inseperable since they were children. They were outcasts when they were young and dedicated their lives to improving the happiness of others.
"Quite the show we did, my friend, quite a show indeed." said Lester. "You were by far the best though."
"Ah shut up, I'm just the chubby sidekick" said Leopald as the taxi came to a halt. "Now get your ass in, we got 3 more shows tomorrow so we should rest up"
They went up the stairs, but something was odd. It was too quiet, and it gave an eerie feel to the place. They opened the door to their room to find the place ransacked.
"The hell happened to--" Lester wasn't able to finish. Suddenly, bags were pulled over their heads as they felt themselves being dragged away.
He awoke, strapped to
:iconzombiefied-4-life:zOmBiEfIeD-4-LiFe 1 3
In a wrecked, rundown, art studio, there was distressed young painter lying there on the floor. His name was Isaac, once a renowned painter now living amongst rats in his old art studio.
"Why must I live like this?" cried Isaac. "Amongst such wretched creatures. Now I can't even make art anymore much less keep up the rent on this studio."
He cut one of his fingers with his pocket knife and began lick at the red nectar that flowed out. Suddenly, a drop hit his canvas, sparking a brilliant scheme.
"What if I paint with my blood?" He thought. "No, I would die of blood loss. And a single rat could not fill a canvas."
He then devised his plan and snuck to the upper level of the building where his landlord lay sleeping. He quietly slit the throat and snuck the bloody corpse back to his studio. Once he was done, he began to bask in the glory of his art. It was his finest painting.
"But I mustn't  stop whilst I'm on such a streak of genius!" He thought "No I will make more art even m
:iconzombiefied-4-life:zOmBiEfIeD-4-LiFe 1 4
Stripes Contest Profile
Character quiz
Name : Mr. Stripes
Age : Unknown
Weight :  200 lbs.
Height : 5'10 (7'4 with top hat)
Physical description : Very tall and slender, his hair is sleek, and covers his eyes and nose, his skin is paper white, and his teeth are silver and pointed.
Eye color : Blood Red
Hair color : Jet-black
Home town : Necropolis
Personality : Mischievious, Competitive, Lazy (Unless he wants to),
What makes your character so cool and unique ? : His body is filled with maggots and locusts.
Whats your characters favorite food ?: Pizza and Flesh.
Favorite weapon ?: Locusts and The Necronomicon
Preferred place to live ?: Somewhere Cold, Small, and Damp.
Any special powers ?: He knows necromancy
Messed up past ? if so please explain :
Do they love someone ?: No
Wife/husband ?: No
Any family ?: No
Any kids ?: No
Anything in particular you want people to know ?: No
What significance does he/she give to the plot line?:Main Character
Is your character a protagonist or antagonist ?: Both.
:iconzombiefied-4-life:zOmBiEfIeD-4-LiFe 0 8
Zombified's Art meme by zOmBiEfIeD-4-LiFe Zombified's Art meme :iconzombiefied-4-life:zOmBiEfIeD-4-LiFe 0 3 Pixel Tobi by zOmBiEfIeD-4-LiFe Pixel Tobi :iconzombiefied-4-life:zOmBiEfIeD-4-LiFe 0 1 Zombified ID by zOmBiEfIeD-4-LiFe Zombified ID :iconzombiefied-4-life:zOmBiEfIeD-4-LiFe 0 1 Flying leader by zOmBiEfIeD-4-LiFe Flying leader :iconzombiefied-4-life:zOmBiEfIeD-4-LiFe 1 3 Zombie Milkman by zOmBiEfIeD-4-LiFe Zombie Milkman :iconzombiefied-4-life:zOmBiEfIeD-4-LiFe 0 2

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I'm currently working on a Comedy about the Four Horseman, and actually using Nox in a story.
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