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My Bio
Hello there. No doubt you were drawn here by the awesome that is me. I was Ernie long before any of you. I run on the finest high-octane coolocity and it's no wonder you have troubled yourself to seek me out. Already aware of my own factor five coolness, feel free to question me on how you too can obtain such a successful level of awesome. I will be happy to share. See, I give back to the community.

Favourite Visual Artist
Chris Bachello, Adam Warren, Jill Thompson, Mike Mignola. Just to name a few.
Favourite Movies
I like tons of movies...Too many to list here..
Favourite TV Shows
The Simpsons, WWE Smackdown and Raw, recently got into Supernatural. Deadwood. ATHF, Squidbillies...
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
I don't have just one favorite...there are tons of artist and music I like.
Favourite Books
The Sandman (vol. 4 and 7 stand out as my favorties), Fables, Preacher, House of Leaves, American Gods, Anasi Boys, Have a Nice Day, Lionheart, SUPER FUDGE!
Favourite Writers
Obviously I'm a huge Neil Gaimen fan.
Favourite Games
TF2, CS:S, Beyond Good and Evil, LOZ: Windwaker, Street Fighter series, Minecraft.
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
My lifebook and sketchbook pro have been extrememly good to me here these past few years.
Other Interests
Always looking to learn from other artist. I like to trade skill tips and what not.

Why do you art?

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Man, talk about not doing anything with the tools you're given. I don't seem to ever...EEEEEVER do anything other than post art here. And, strangely enough, I'll respond to these tags. Why? Well, I guess to get to know my art bros and to get my art bros to know me. So, I was tagged in this by Shellsweet (https://www.deviantart.com/shellsweet) and am always looking for chances to interact and respond to talented (and adorable) artist. Here we go. First, the fine print: Rules: 1) please re-post the rules and questions! 2) answer at least 5 of the questions! 3) tag as many people as you know, there is no limit! (just tag someone QwQ) Questions for the artist: 1) why do you dra
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So, I realized I never use this. So, here's me using this. ACTIVITY!
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Tagged by HaruBlossom *shakes fist* You're lucky your awesome.... RULES: -You have to say who tagged you! -NO DOUBLE TAGGING!!! -You must be truthful.  No cheating! -You must answer ALL questions! -You just lost The Game. -If you don't tag anyone at the end, I will EAT you! Y-You'll eat me? Woah. That...That's kinda...Is this that area of Deviant Art I was trying to avoid? The Basics 1. Full name: Ernest Lee Suggs 2. Age: 32 3. Birth Date: 08/02/81 4. Birth Place: Darlington, SC 5. Gender: Male 6. Occupation: Unofficially, Pro Airplane Player. I also work electronics retail. 7. Primary School: Pate Elementary 8.  High School: DHS
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I saw you know Kill la Kill so there is a webcomic you should see

''HELLGASM SLAUGHTER'' is a webcomic that i ramdomly found on TAPAS a webcomic publishing site

It looks like some kind of kill la kill/ devilman/evangelion fusion, telling the story of the devil of pride Belial who fight hell and heaven armies to become the new ruler of the cosmos, you could like her cause she's kinda similar to Ryuuko from Kil La Kill and there a lot of stuff about hell and its 13 circles. The story is full of dark humor and bloody fight with funny insane characters, the big bad is obviously inspired from Ragyo.

PS: take time to read cause there are lots details which can be easily missed sometimes (particulary in fights)

here the link : https://tapas.io/series/hellgasmslaughter/info

The webcomic is usually updated all the 4-5 days. When a chapter is finished, the next starst few months after

Yo, it is me Heather from Comic con.
Happy Birthday
you havnt replied to my note to u so i guess ill say it here, hey, im the person u met at the best buy the other day, *waves* 
I JUST SAW! *waves*
I was drawn here by your Logan drawing, but oh god that description makes me have to watch you. OH SIR, HOW DO I BECOME AS COOL AS YOU.