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I recently started drawing at school. And I know I'm not that good, but I'm pretty satisfied with where I am artistically. And I'm getting kind of sick of all the people telling me they can't draw.

I couldn't draw either, it took me YEARS to get to the point I am today, and it's not even perfect. There will always be someone better, and if you really want to be good at what you do you need to pick up a goddamn pencil and practice.

</end rant>

Ps. For subscribers only, sorry little ~deviants. You're gonna need to buy the pretty symbol in front of your name before you can use this puppy.

I know the thumb code is somewhere over there--->

pps. This is the first of three stamps I had an idea to make, and will do this morning because I'm not in school.
The next two are seperate ideas, one is harry potter related and one is a gift-stamp.
So yeah, expect some stamps.

ppps. (Last one, I promise)
I did use a stamp template, but damnit I forgot where I got it from. Please, if you know, enlighten me. I need to give proper credit in order to sleep well at night.
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Kissasheep|Hobbyist Digital Artist
update: i can draw anime eyes
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Smartyk|Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh yes huge pet peeve. Also when someone sees your drawing and starts the whole "I could NEVER do that, my drawings are terrible, etc.".
I used to hide my artwork because I handle compliments like a fishstick in a fishbowl, and I didn't want people judging them. Swallowing your pride is probably the biggest obstacle towards learning to draw CX
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Kissasheep's avatar
Kissasheep|Hobbyist Digital Artist
i say i cant draw because my art could potentially be called shitty
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AlternativeAyva|Hobbyist General Artist
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AngelSilva23| Digital Artist
>mfw stick figures
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ZippoFeuer|Hobbyist Artist
Ach. Practice is important, but more than that is study. Practice without direction is not going to teach; unfortunately lots of people forget that part.
I could practice reaction mechanism diagrams all day, every day, for the next year. That doesn't mean I'll get better if I don't know what they mean. Same way, drawing is about learning and studying. Practice is a form of study, but it won't get you fat if you're trying to draw fantasy from fantasy. You need to study the real world to begin conjuring.
Even in most fantasy settings, there are rules to magic, and if artists can be called wizards, they need teaching to become great.
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Celestial-Gecko's avatar
Celestial-Gecko|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This comment properly articulated my thoughts whenever someone says “practice is everything” better than I could.
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ZippoFeuer|Hobbyist Artist
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Cupcake-Angels's avatar
Cupcake-Angels|Student General Artist
verry passive aggressive
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TweekiedooX3's avatar
Never be afraid of the pencil!!
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PrincessGabii's avatar
PrincessGabii|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I draw since i was 3 years old
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Tokarief's avatar
I'm too lazy to learn to draw actually. I dunno how you all have patience to spend several hours SKETCHING shit.
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iiLemonKat's avatar
cause they enjoy it ^w^
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Puker41349's avatar
Puker41349|Student Traditional Artist
Exactly The Struggles
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ButterflyLibraGirl's avatar
ButterflyLibraGirl|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So many butthurt comments... -_-
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courage-and-feith's avatar
I know right ? And it has less to do with the stamp as much as their confidence and esteem. I also thought drawing to be impossible and only reserved for "talented" people. Until one day I dared to try and learn it.

It turns out that drawing can be learned with enough time on your hands and determination once you overcome your biggest obstacle: yourself.

I'm still at the beginning but I like from my progress so far. :)
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courage-and-feith's avatar
I guess it doesn't have too much about being a "cry baby" as much as it does with low self-confidence, low self-esteem and believing in myths like "talent" and "I wish I could've do it sooner instead of [insert anything here]".

I once also find this stamp to be offensive, but not because I thought you were trying to mock me or something: it's because I felt myself so "powerless", so "useless" and having nothing of value to offer to deviantART like the artists I watched, which had all that favorites, comments, pageviews and fantastic, eye candy art that I thought I'd never be able to be like them.

Recently, after reading many articles and self-help books, I suddenly decided to take courage and take my chances at drawing. The tutorial I'm practising with now is this one about manual skills - design.tutsplus.com/tutorials/…

"If there is a way to be perfect, it's to stop trying. You must understand that no matter how good you are at drawing, it will not make you a better, more valuable person than you are now. It's also true from the other side—no matter how bad you are at drawing, it doesn't make you less worthy.", is one of the quotes of the tutorial.

However, I read first about her article talking about dealing with criticism, which inspired me to create this journal dedicated to people who have dealt or have been dealing with attaching their self-esteem to their works - fav.me/db12029

Revisiting this stamp, I read like this: "I can't draw!" Stop demanding so much of yourself. Pick up a pencil and dare to prove yourself to yourself!
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courage-and-feith's avatar
"Remember: you don't want to be a great artist. You just want to be satisfied with your works, and you happen to think you need to be as great as professionals for it. You don't! Stop comparing yourself to them, and instead see if you can be better than you were yesterday—that's all you need to be satisfied.
It's you who sets your goals, so don't make them painfully hard to reach on purpose. You need to set the good enough yourself. Keep it fun, take it easy, and don't be hard on yourself for not being as good as someone who has practiced for years. You do it for yourself, and yourself only. Learn to be glad about your small progress, no matter what others think about it. What do they know, after all?

One more quote also from the tutorial I'm following.
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ChloeAnimates19's avatar
ChloeAnimates19|Hobbyist Digital Artist

I'm using this
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TheLastHetaira's avatar
TheLastHetaira|Professional Writer
Thank you. 
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Anmada's avatar
AnmadaEdited |Student General Artist
Holy crud, this totally relates to me because I recently gave some advice to someone about drawing (don't use bases, learn about anatomy, etc.) and they got pretty mad at me, saying that I was a troll and that I was DEMANDING they follow my advice, when I did not at all. I then noticed that they previously had stolen art before and gave the excuse of "I can't draw though! *cries*". I told them that they CAN, in fact, draw, considering the fact that the excuses she held for "not drawing" such as "I have a curfew" and "I get made fun of for my drawings", and they just hid my comments in the end. What's the point in saying that you suck at drawing if 90% of your entire gallery consists of colorings over bases and line art?

By the way, they're selling line art that someone else made as adoptables; they just colored in the line art... Is that illegal?
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PsychoYellowDragon's avatar
PsychoYellowDragon|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I don't understand: I can't use this stamp because i'm not a Core member??? This is a little bit extreme... i mean why would you forbid us to use it if a lot of others allow their stamps to be used by non-core member???
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DeviantART used to only let premium members use stamps, and this stamp is old.
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rhubears|Hobbyist General Artist
why am i kinda offended by this ????

and hell,,, i dont even get offended that easily,,,,

but ,,,,, like i feel like no matter how fuckin hard i try i just ??cant draw ????

ive tried for so long and practiced for so long,,,, but i cant draw s Hit

ppl keep tellin g me " come on you can do it " well no i fuckign c ANT ?????

i mean,,, im gonna be fuckin honest ,, i think ive kinda improved ,,,, but just by like 2% even after all that time.....

fu ck it,,,
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