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Really Cool Wig

By ZombiDJ
Result from listning to Lemon Demons song "Really Cool Wig"…

Art © ZombiDJ 
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© 2019 - 2021 ZombiDJ
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that's a nice wig

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Did anyone else read that in the character's voices?

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images you can hear lol

wasupmedudes's avatar
Bruh I did it in the song voice
CrustyBowlofCereal's avatar
looks like its straight out of the comics!
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Popsolan's avatar
I just listened to the song you linked, and I really enjoy the music.
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Check out their other songs too! My top favorite is "My Trains"
feldgeister's avatar
I had to youtube the song because I'd never heard it before, and your icon bounces along to the tune pretty perfectly just staying XD
ZombiDJ's avatar
Ha! That's good to know :D
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coffeecups1's avatar
I honestly thought this was from the comic until I realized that they can't curse haha!
ZombiDJ's avatar
Yeah haha fun little shock of realization at the end
coffeecups1's avatar
Haha yeah! I really hope you do more of these in the feature.
lynx318's avatar
Reading (singing) this to the tune of an Offspring tune.
RealDiegoAmateur's avatar
this is deadass how i'd want my comics to look like
IDoDraw1ngs's avatar
Its funny because it looks legit like if it was in a comic page
Yalleh's avatar
I have to say, I love LD/Neil and this is absolutely
i've actually never heard the song before, and it's great too aa
ZombiDJ's avatar
The songs are super catchy, I think my top fave is "My Trains"!
Yalleh's avatar
Ohh!!! yes!! I LOVE my trains, that's ones so awesome. At the moment, i'm super in love with A Mask Of My Own Face~
I found My Trains through this animation,, if you haven't seen it you should totally watch it ee…
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