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[Don't Starve] Tentacle

Tentacles are not made for porn.
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XxFlowerCatxX's avatar
*Reads description*

Why? Is this not an Anime? 
Lord-Ze-Medic's avatar
Dark, creepy and bloody. A perfect combination for don't Starve
HeyoaSaz's avatar
Wilson look so sexy here! Mafa fafa.....
cobalt225's avatar
Why did it have to be tentacles...
Tikimillie's avatar
well... there toreture porn sooo....

or gore porn... nothing sexual in that... just... porn where sex is replaced with guts and blood
Stroomary's avatar
At least the tentacles fight the evil pigmen
maxwellsmime's avatar
that's pretty hot
thatguythatfixes's avatar
Well, atleast the devs didn't add a mating season for tentacles.
MacaRoonCream's avatar
I have memories of them killing me so many times .3.

And then the weird side of the internet with tentacles. . .  yeah
GenkoFox's avatar
lol!! I made my mother play Dont Starve last night for the first time..
She died on the second day.. pretty much just like this.
So it holds a special place in my heart.
Only difference it was like.. 3 tentacles and not one.
FALLOUTDOG3's avatar
so how does it feel?
Tensui's avatar
I have way too many bad memories of them killing me while trying to pick up all my stuff after they killed me just a few minutes before. lol
ProfessorSheepie's avatar
Me too!  I'd stand in place for one second, and next thing you know, the dang thing is smacking you around.  *sigh*  I never learn.
Jeffrodouble07's avatar
Wow. I have never known ANYBODY, besides myself, to be so stupid as to pick up their stuff by a tentacle, much less attack them! I'm glad someone else has made that mistake. (Not to be rude, just happy I'm not alone)
Tensui's avatar
T'was a learning experience to be sure. Thankfully, my friend was smart enough (To know how) to revive me every time. lol

Though doing so only made nights more challenging for him. xD (No insult taken, by the way. I was a fool, to say the least. lol)
Jeffrodouble07's avatar
See, I have been playing since before Don't Starve Together, so I didn't have a friend, but I'm glad you did! T'was a learning experience indeed, and difficult one at that! :)
Tensui's avatar
For sure. Like I said though, keeping me alive is probably the only thing that made it difficult for him to stay alive. He's still kicking though, as far as I'm aware. My gaming computer has since kicked the bucket. Old age finally came and claimed the old clunker. lol
Syweb2's avatar
Oh. Okay. i'm just going to leave the biome now. May as well fight a beefalo.
butterg's avatar
Mmm... Delicious!
You put such incredible detail and thought into this piece, OUTSTANDING WORK!
(But that does bring up the question... what happens to his "friend" Percy if he is delicous-ly in a beautiful gory fashion killed? Is he freed or is he killed as well?)
ZombiDJ's avatar
this was drawn before i made up percy
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