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[Don't Starve] Midnight Snack

Wilson: WeeJay c'mon I'm hungry too...

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This is something my puppy would do...
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aw man when i met my Bf,he was a really big fan of your art,now he left the ds fandom and this gives me such good memories quq
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why does this remind me of shaggy and scooby doo?
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Can I ask you something?
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Heheheh... Very cute!
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hay can i ask you a question how did weejay meet wilson plz tell
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i have a comic on how but it's on hold atm. it'll be psoted sometime in the future once i finish it
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*About a year later*
I wonder if it's ready..
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That sounds interesting,looking forward to it.
Wait.... a sandwich in Don't Starve?! WHY ARE WE NOT FUNDING THIS, PEOPLE!?!?!?!
(Alternative Reaction): Sandwich, did you say, sandwich? Sandwich?! SANDWICH!!!!!!! SANDWICH!!!!!!!!!!!!! SANDWICH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry guys, I had to say both, but seriously, why aren't we funding sandwiches  in DS? D:
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Wait a darn minute...
The Don't Starve Universe takes place in the early 1900's...
So why is Weejay wearing a hoodie?
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Time travel is the answer to ALL things.
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He should've cut the meat in half and gave Weejay his half first.
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weejay is soo cute!!
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can't he just eat the bread? it's got vitamins :3
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I can just imagIne Wilson getting up, pointing at the edge of the screen and saying "My hunger is under 50 so give me that!"
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ah~! just what illy would do
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Wilson. Breaking the fourth wall  in excellent style  :D
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That's fantastical and I love it <3
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