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Don't Starve Comic 2 [Part 5]

[Edit] Thank you all for enjoying my comic but this will be the last page!
I do not have time to do more pages and I've left the fandom for other ones.

Continuation on my 
Don’t Starve Comic

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Wilson/Don’t Starve © Klei Entertainment
Art/Percy © ZombiDJ
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© 2014 - 2021 ZombiDJ
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I will pay you a lot of money if you make more pages please, I love them!!! ♥

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Ah. Poo. Well, enjoy the other fandoms and whatnot.

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but I do understand that you've moved on from this fandom, and I respect that! I'm really thankful that you wrote that you're discontinuing this comic instead of leaving us hanging like some authors...
Anyways, I hope you'll come back to the Don't Starve trashcan soon! :D
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I would like answers is this the end or will there be more?
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Great comic, sad you wont be continuing 
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Awwwwww, it's dead? F*ck. 
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0MG, I really want more
I'm from Poland and I think, that your comics are amazing! Please continue that! You are veeery creative and I hope, that yor passion to make a comics has never ended!
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Would it be bad to ask of what you would do if someone offered to finish the comic for you?
Is Percy the p in Wilson P. higgsbury?
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Sooo this one is dead... much like the game. Sad.
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Lol the game ain't dead, DST is still getting lots of updates.

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I wasn't talking about the updates, I was talking about the players. Finding a normal server to play is mission impossible novadays, everything you see is eiser some chinese modders or some dudes who wreck their server with console for fun.
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This is an amazing comic!! Percy is a great character you created!! I kinda wish he was a legitimate character of the game. 
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will there be a part 3
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Oh wait
it was four years ago
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D'aaaw.. It's quite dissapointing that you're not gonna continue this comic. -I just got into Don't Starve this year, but no-one cares or should care.- Whelp, I did enjoy it while it lasted. 
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and the final video I've made from this chapter. Thanks!
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sorry for the late reply! thank you so much on the animations on my comic, I love them!
you did an amazing job:D
RenatoSs's avatar
no worries!
thank you !
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