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Centik Weejay


Wilsons latest potion! The Centik brew which can turn WeeJay into a centaur creature. This is based on my sub species to my Locotiks called Centiks.

However, since Wilson tried this potion on WeeJay when he was in his humanoid form, the effects are a mix of his human form and the Centik form. If he would take the potion in his normal monster form then he’d look more like a propper Centik.

Wilsons potions only work on WeeJay so far and are temporary. They can be reversed when WeeJay drink the same potion again.

Wilson © Klei Entertainment
WeeJay/Centiks/Art © ZombiDJ

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© 2014 - 2022 ZombiDJ
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The poor boy! At least he's got someone to tend to his wounds. These are really cute scenes!
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The shippers are going to go f*cking insane..
Oh no i sense them
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More like this!
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TOH is everywere Wink/Razz 
Wingd1's avatar
oooouch that looks like it hurt, poor WeeJay :(
DjSm1ley's avatar
ouch, maxwell sucks so hard
KyTheDemonHunter's avatar
Do you stop drawing fan art for Dont't Starve or you will make more on the feature?
redsligbra's avatar
the hounds probaly just thought he was fdead and mauled someone else XD
I still don't know how to make the thing clear,
Maybe by scanning on the printer?
LordofTheDragons455's avatar
If you mean how to make artstyle similar to this then buy yo self a tablet and photoshop cs6 cause cool people use that to draw these days. Not alot of artists use pencil and paper to draw such as myself
mrfjtrjh465478's avatar
Spring lilla WeeJay, spring!
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awesome work thanks for sharing your awesome art
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Oh if you are into centaurs you might enjoy this web comic
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Weejay why are you so cute? That picture with Wilson patching him up, can I just hug him there? He needs hugs!
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He needs tons of hugs! ;v;
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Aww... Poor Weejay, but it's nice that he's still alive! Wilson is a good friend for staying with him. :)
I love your traditional coloring, so vibrant and lively. Very nice work!
ZombiDJ's avatar
Its been a while since I drew traditional alot so still need to get into it. But thank you!
RatchetJak's avatar
You've still got it though ;)
And you're welcome!
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it must be a lovely relationship<3 scientist and guinea pig<3 best pals for life<3 or at least until the night is over<3
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