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Its been some time since I'd updated, posted, uploaded, given blood, etc...

BUT!  Its with good reason... LIFE!  Its happens or whatever.  Therefore, now that most of my hurtles have dissipated (and there has been quite a few to be honest), I have crawled out of my dark place to make my return from a fake internet death.  That's right I'm still painting, still drawing, still brainstorming, still making electronic music, critiquing, and participating in art exhibitions (even hosting some of my own).  Did I mention that I also run a small art space and sell art supplies as well?

So... SO WHAT?!  Well I'm here to inform my avid DE friends and followers of a few epic changes.  Perhaps you can help in my transition into a new online presence.  I'd greatly appreciate any assistance I can get, and will love you forever-ever if you do:

1 - My DE portfolio will no longer be updated with new artwork.  Why?  Well glad you asked.  As my new paintings, drawings, studies, etc will now be available to view on my new, more minimal, more chic site located HERE
This is due to a need for a more professional fine art page.  One that gets away from the over-saturated fan art, grandma paintings, distasteful photography, and juvenile THINGS that DE has become. 

I'm expanding my clientele, setting up shop, updating my concepts, and beginning (finally) to shop my work around the web to bigger names and bigger agencies.  I'm looking for gallery representation.  I'm looking to get into a few big-name contemporary art magazines.  I'm looking to get seriously SEOed!

2 - Speaking of setting up shop.  I literally run a retail art supply store and will now run an online art shop(s) for my artwork as well.  Starting with Etsy.  See what's in my shop at the moment by visiting HERE
Visitors will be able to buy prints of my finished works there.  If you can't find what you're looking for.  Please send me an email!

3 - I will no longer hide behind a clever/foolish alias to post my artwork.  It may have seemed like a good idea initially about 8 years ago when I first heard about sites like DE and Redbubble.  However, what I've found is that I've ended up creating hurdles for myself by competing with my own roots when trying to SEO artwork under my actual name.  So, for now... ZombAug will be banished into handle purgatory.  I won't hide behind an experiment any longer.  Its just Augustine Cordero dude.

4 - I have an instagram with a foolish name (temporarily):  DookieMcFartSniffle or click HERE It will include more than just artwork.  But, also it will include cats, food, and games of a contemporary nerd... me.

5 - The part where I need your help... I need to create back links, pings, and other SEO-related processes to help promote my new online presence.  You can simply click on the links in this post to my new online portfolio; or better yet, post a link to it.  In turn, I will do the same for you. 

That's it.  Farewell DE friends and followers. 
Thanks for the Favs and thanks for the confidence boost to keep working.

- Sincerely,
Augustine Cordero
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Hey everyone, I've managed to update my art blog once more, and make it a tad more spiffy.  For those who want to see my latest paintings and works on paper, I'm proud to say that all, yes, ALL of my works (that are worthy in my eyes hehe) are now up and ready for your viewing pleasure.

What you will find:

- Some new/old paintings in both present and past year galleries
- Some new/old works on paper in both present and past year galleries
- Original electronic music by yours truly
- A few new links
- Fixed broken links
- UI much more manageable; i.e. rows and columns in galleries changed

Check out my "Unlaundered" Gallery

Thanks for taking the time to view my page.  If you like my blog, please link, share, or 'like' my site URL!

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Hey everyone.  I'm happy to announce that my blog has finally been updated.  Here's what's new:

* Updated "Works on Paper 2008 – 2010″ (27 new images)
* Updated "Works on Paper 2011 – 2012″ (50 new images)
* Updated "Paintings 2007 – 2010″ (4 new images)
* Updated number of columns and rows per gallery
* Added slideshow-styled browsing
* Added a gallery for Installations (9 new images)
* Added a gallery for Paintings 2011 – 2012 (Under Construction)

That's 90 new images!  Happy Browsing!

Check it out!!!
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The new artist blog can be found HERE
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So fall is officially here, and I'm happy to say that I've been busy with tons of fun projects.  This month I'll be showing at two galleries and submitting proposals in hopes of receiving some grant money.  On another note, I got a hold of an overhead projector with a handful of transparencies... muhoo-ha!
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Well I finally got my hand-me-down scanner/printer up and working.  So I'll be posting a few smaller works soon.
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After getting laid off and almost starving to death, I have returned with some new work to share.
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Hello comrades.  I know I know, its been quite some time since my last update.  But, I finally got together my most recent paintings for your enjoyment.  Lately, decompressing is all that I've been able to do... I'm still trying to keep my head above water but things are looking better.  We'll see.  I've got one last set of illustrations I've got to get out there, and then I'll be pretty much caught up.  Then I can really sit down and focus on the current projects at hand.



Big THANK YOU to all who have visited my page, and left comments.
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I can breathe again!  After many sleepless, grubless, barless nights I've finally completed 97% of my required work for my advanced classes; and I am now 99% done with my last undergrad semester!!!  Which means new images on DA.

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Bleh, I've been steadily juggling the responsibilities of being an undergrad for one last semester.  But still managed to find a little bit of time to update my DA.  Many more images that I just haven't gotten around to scanning just yet.

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**WIPES BROW** Finally got around to uploading some new images.
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Almost done catching up to my most current work.  I've added a handful of recent sketchbook entries and one scrap.  Check it!
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100 deviations today (not including scraps)yet there's so much more to update!
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Finally got the scanner I borrowed up and running.  Which means even more images are on the way of course!
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I'll be uploading many new images for everyone to see this week.  So you should keep your eyes pealed.
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Yipee a 1000 page views!!!
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One system reformat, an email change, 2 portfolio shoots and 3/4 of a semester later I've returned.  Expect some new posts very soon!
I've added "Hometown History" which, is a piece on panel from about 2 years ago (finally).  

Also revised the following images:

- Of the Land
- Untitled (main deviations)
- Alleyway Gouls I
- Dairy Scream II
- Dairy Scream II - Detail

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Self Portrait with 3 details finally uploaded today!!  Also, a few pictures revised:

- Lou

- What She's Become - Zombie Girl 2 (scraps)
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I uploaded about 10 new drawings in the "Scraps" area, plus one of my paintings from this past fall.  Still more to be revised.

Images Revised:
Forgotten_ in Red and Green