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Hours 27-30 - Cantharan Destroyer Escort

By zombat
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Experiments in capitol ships gone well! Fun.
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the tengu look makes me only able to see it as a cruiser
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If i'm honest there are some scale issues with the drawing that make it seem smaller. Maybe one day I'll go back into it :)

MASCH-ART's avatar
Super Shipdesign and work:) (Smile)
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Shieeeeet... how the hell do you come up with all the little tech and details??
Tzoli's avatar
Excellent Homeworld 2 design!
StGeorge67's avatar
Very nice. Colors remind me of some BOSCH drill. :-)
Ildusetz's avatar
quite fresh appearance, good job.
desertforest's avatar
Colors are appealing.
st3vethesquid's avatar
Check it out, your ship has been turned into a fantastic Lego version:…

(not me, but it's still awesome :D)
Aldeminor's avatar
Good concept, but almost unuseful gun turret =)
TuranicRaider's avatar
Homeworld meets Eve , like like
dactilardesign's avatar
Really nice HW stile ship.
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someone's been playing home word, and this next parts for just cause... I miss spelt someone's and Deviant Art gave me the AutoCorrect options and I was like wow... that the most impressive thing I've seen all day
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Did you get any inspiration from Homeworld 2 cus it looks like it would fit right in :)
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Indeed; this ship is particularly influenced by Vagyr designs
dronner66's avatar
yeah, I thought so :D
dlamont's avatar
Worth the wait, looks excellent!
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love the color scheme. Great model!
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