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Kemono no souja erin Mail order bonus art boxes by Zoltor Kemono no souja erin Mail order bonus art boxes :iconzoltor:Zoltor 0 2
Alicia's Profile
      Race:Holy Dragonian
Eye Color:Green
Hair Color:White
                                                            Background Story
Over 10,000 years ago, near the end of the Great War, eight relics were created by the Ancients, called the Archives. Together, the eight Archives were suppose to definitely end the Great War, however they needed to wait for the right time to deploy them. Now keeping eight of the most powerful relics ever created in one location is reckless to say the least, so the Ancients handed each one of the Archives to a dragon, and sent them off in different direction, to guard them until the Archives are needed.
Well, that's w
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Gwaelin's Profile by Zoltor Gwaelin's Profile :iconzoltor:Zoltor 0 2 Char Status Page by Zoltor Char Status Page :iconzoltor:Zoltor 1 0 Custom Equipment slots by Zoltor Custom Equipment slots :iconzoltor:Zoltor 1 19 Guild ship docks by Zoltor Guild ship docks :iconzoltor:Zoltor 1 8 (Aleasia)Arena Lobby by Zoltor (Aleasia)Arena Lobby :iconzoltor:Zoltor 1 4
Gwaelin's Perspective
Gwaelin & Zoltor as children/Gwaelin's perspective
Gwaelin: (One day, the young five year old Gwaelin was playing, smelling the new bloomed flowers, and such just outside of the castle. Gwaelin then notices a young five year old boy walking over to her.) Hello.
Zoltor: Hello, what is your name?
Gwaelin: My name is Gwaelin, yours?
Zoltor: My name is Zoltor, It's a pleasure to meet you milady(Zoltor bows his head).
Gwaelin: (Gwaelin giggles) you're funny.
Zoltor: I never knew there was an elf in the city.
Gwaelin: An elf, what's an elf?
Zoltor: Why, that is what you are.
Gwaelin: I'm an elf, aren't you an elf too?
Zoltor: I'm half elven, and half human.
Gwaelin: What's the differance?
Zoltor: I don't really know, but I know elves have pointy ears (Zoltor touches one of Gwaelin's ears). You see, mine are only alittle bit pointy, becoese I'm only half elven.
Gwaelin: Come meet my dad(Gwaelin pulls Zoltor along).
Zoltor: (Zoltor smiles) Alright I'm comeing. (They  enter th
:iconzoltor:Zoltor 0 9
As it were, the elven people have alot less powers then Dragonians, but that doesen't mean the Ancients loved them any less(acually the exact opposite, the Ancients love the High Elvs, as if they were their children, even though in most senses of the word, the Ancients are their gods, and they are verey proud of them). The Ancients wanted the elven people to live long, happy lives, free from fear, the pain, and suffering of the outside world.
The elven people were gifted with the pure of heart, a love for all good hearted creatures, as well as a deep love for nature, and they were also given the gift of logical reasoning/wisdom. The Ancients built the Crystal kindom of Aleasia for the purest of elves, this way they could live peaceful lives, and not need to live in fear of being attacked by demons. The Ancients entrusted Gwaelin's ancesters with the responsibility of being the Guardians of Aleasia. Along whis thus, the Ancients also gave their blood line special abilities, such as the
:iconzoltor:Zoltor 0 2
Ancient's Magical Rellics
Star Of Orien: The Star Of Orien Is one of the four god stones created by the Ancients. The Ancients, near the end of the Great War transfered all their remianing powers Into this god stone, makeing the Star Of Orien the strongest of the god stones. Only Ancients, and (Dragonians bareing the mark of the Holy Crest) may use the Star Of Orien. Due to the fact that Ancient magic Is just a more refined version of Dragonian magic, and the fact that Dragonians are dirrect decendents of the Ancients, Is why they can use the Star Of Orien. After the Ancients fell In battle, the Star Of Orien was inshrined In the Dragon Temple, and 10,000 years later when the Dragonian council fell was removed from the Dragon Temple by Drago In order to protect It.
Dragon pendent: The Dragon Pendent Is one of the four god stones created by the Ancients. The Dragon Pendent was entrusted to the Dragonians. The Dragon Pendent posseses alot of sealing magic, and gave all Dragonians Genetic Memory. 10,
:iconzoltor:Zoltor 0 1
Gwaelin's Profile
Name: Gwaelin
Race: High Elf
Class: High Priestess
Age: 35
Height: 5'11
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Black
Weapon: A Scepter Long Staff/As a ninja she used two swords
Special ability passed down only In her dirrect blood line: Magic Aura
Reason she became a Ninja: She chose to become a Ninja, so she could help her love Zoltor, and protect him. Later she realized, that she didn't have to become a warrior to do that, she just had to follow her heart.
Reason she became a High Priestess: Gwaelin chose to become a High Piestess, so she would be able to heal people, not becoese she Is religious.
Birth Parents: Nothing much Is known about Gwaelin's parents, but It Is strongly believed that her parents were of some kind of noble birth(Maybe they weren't King, and Queen, but they were noble).
Personality Triats: She's not your typical princess type, she's not stuck up by any imagination of the phrase. Sh
:iconzoltor:Zoltor 2 7
Gwaelin's Origins
When Gwaelin was only a few weeks old, the kingdom in which she lived was attacked by Dark Elves. Gwaelin's mother put a gem called, the "Crystal Of Light" around her neck. Gwaelin's mother then handed her over to a very trusted friend, and asked her to take Gwaelin away from here, to travel to another dimension, where she would be safe.                                                                            
Gwaelin's mother's friend bowed her head, saying that she would guard Gwaelin with her life, and with a swift wind, she set forth. The Elven lady getting attacked along the way(critically injured,but managed to keep the young Gwaelin safe) casts the dimentional teliport spell(She knew she wouldn't be able to return to her home, for Elves lack the knowledge to navigate dimentions).
Gwaelin, being carried by the heavily injured Elven lady, appears In the unkown world(In the far distance, a castle town can be seen). The Elven lady hurries towards the castle town, fending off herds
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Kusahm MTG card by Zoltor Kusahm MTG card :iconzoltor:Zoltor 2 2 Temple MTG card by Zoltor Temple MTG card :iconzoltor:Zoltor 2 4 Isis Mana Aegis MTG card by Zoltor Isis Mana Aegis MTG card :iconzoltor:Zoltor 1 15
Drago storyline intro
Along time ago,at the beginning of time there was a race with god like powers called the Ancients,and they created  three races( Dragons,Elves, and Dragonians) with great power to protect the world from demons and monsters that come from a place only known as the dark world. Tens of thousands of years go by with all the races In complete harmany.The three races don't even have a concept of what evil Is, then as fate would have It,a dimensional rift,a tare in the frabric of space, and time itself appeared,and was connected to the Dark World.The demons, and the monsters left the Dark World bringing fear to the hearts of the races for hundreds of thousands of years. Nearly one million years have gone by sence the rift to the Dark World has appeared.The Ancients
forsaw their demise and made four god stones,wich three of the god
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12k - welcome you home by rubyd 12k - welcome you home :iconrubyd:rubyd 153 45 Inuyasha by Schmedly Inuyasha :iconschmedly:Schmedly 994 71 Nintendo NES plushie 2 by restlesswillow Nintendo NES plushie 2 :iconrestlesswillow:restlesswillow 23 15 +SessKag+ Just Bliss by YoukaiYume +SessKag+ Just Bliss :iconyoukaiyume:YoukaiYume 2,252 183 ::Commission - Serpy:: by iAkuma ::Commission - Serpy:: :iconiakuma:iAkuma 5 24 Royal Elvish Blood 2 by Daytha Royal Elvish Blood 2 :icondaytha:Daytha 30 52 Elf Ambush by RedRo Elf Ambush :iconredro:RedRo 69 20 looking up by salvador-dolly looking up :iconsalvador-dolly:salvador-dolly 5 5 Yuna and Ifrit by TillWolfster Yuna and Ifrit :icontillwolfster:TillWolfster 1,632 593 Kam-Zara Highpass by Nasuradin Kam-Zara Highpass :iconnasuradin:Nasuradin 2 8 Hydra Slayer by Xobius Hydra Slayer :iconxobius:Xobius 25 21 Lair of the Crimson Drake by Xobius Lair of the Crimson Drake :iconxobius:Xobius 12 9 The Creation of Dark Imperium by Xobius The Creation of Dark Imperium :iconxobius:Xobius 30 19 Okaru Shinto and Shikujogata by Xobius Okaru Shinto and Shikujogata :iconxobius:Xobius 4 13 Last of the Wyverns by Xobius Last of the Wyverns :iconxobius:Xobius 7 9 Haunted Woods by Xobius Haunted Woods :iconxobius:Xobius 44 38


I guess Square decided they didn't want to be as crappy as Crapcom huh(Crapcom is on my boycott for life list, and frankly I don't even care if MM 11 ends up being great, that's how deep the grave is, they dug), which was a decision made out of the blue, because they were almost acting exactly like Crapcom.

I really want to hate Square, they ruined/are still ruining so many things they touch, but after that insane direct showing, It's really, really hard to hate them(although hopefully they aren't digital only, please Square release physical versions, hell the cards you need to do that are actually way cheaper then blu-ray, so that's no longer a excuse). So much so infact the things that they aren't doing yet/omitted, went from me being pissed off, to just confused(still no localization of the Secret of Mana collection, and the omitted FF 8. Although to be fair the FF 8 port issue, Isn't a Switch problem, It's a everyone problem, since as far as I know, FF 8 was never rereleased period).

I think Octopath Traveler got Square to actually open their damn eyes the 1st time since 2001 :)  Thank you Octopath Traveler, you did something which everyone in the gaming community, and industry alike, thought to be impossible. lol
I've been interested about this, when the KS was announced, although haven't gotten around to such, until last month. I didn't want to get it on steam, and didn't own a PS4 yet(still don't, waiting for a few games 1st), but when it was announced for the Switch, made me glad I waited.

It's slightly different then what I was expecting, but omg in a good way, It's so great, I figured it was going to be pretty damn good, but wow wasn't expecting it to be this good.

I played through the 1st two parts multiple times already(can't wait until part 3, suppose to come out in July I think), and It's amazing how fleshed out everything is. Part 1 was amazing, and tense, but omg, part 2 on a scale of 1-10 in how tense it is, is a 50 lol I love prettly much all the characters in this saga, and It's so great to play a game where decisions actually matter(been a long time). It's also great to still be running into mind blowing moments, after multiple playthroughs. Wish I could go more indepth about such, but this game is super story driven, so such would be major spoilers.

For those that want to know what the game is like ingeneral: It's very similar to the Oregon Trail, except a million times better. I loved the Oregon Trail, but this takes the concept to a whole new lv.

I would kill for a physical release of all 3 parts on one cart(You Limited games or ATLUS, make that happen), I'ld gladly pay 60-even 80 for such :)


Philip Stafford
United States
Current Residence: N.J. (A place far worse then hell)
                                                                                                                                                [b]New Anime Forums[/b]

The anime community who were formally at the A4 forum, got fed up with the stability of the site, so we all left to create our own forum, that's not owned by someone outside company, and the new forums are up

Here's the Link:

It's a very active forum already(52 people backed the fund raising campaign alone, so yea, It's off to a great, and fast start), despite being new, so by all means feel free to join up


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chiggenboi Featured By Owner May 10, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I heard you praising World of Light once. You beat it? Totally blew me away, especially the finale event. Spirits is one of the best additions to Smash imo. 
Zoltor Featured By Owner May 10, 2019
Yea, it was epic. Was scared I wasn't going to beable to beat the final final, real boss battle, but thankfully was able to pull it off.  It's scary how much effort was put into World of Light, and they didn't slackoff on any other aspect of the game either. Talk about setting the bar high huh :)
chiggenboi Featured By Owner May 10, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Totally. I was almost sweating during that finale (I wimped out and used Celebi's auto-healing; heh). I only wish there were more cutscenes of the fighters, like from Brawl.

You have any mains, either? I'm practicing with Joker, Ridley, Daisy, and Zelda. 
Zoltor Featured By Owner May 10, 2019
My main is Simon. He's so awesome.  My secondary is probally Ryu, better then any Ryu crapcom has made in ages lol.
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AleVesper Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So I just got myself the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure PS1 game Capcom made.

Holy SHIT, it feels SO much like Street Fighter III and Darkstalkers! I really wish Capcom had done more with this! :noes:
Zoltor Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2018
Lol really? Shame they can't put that much effort in I don't know, their long running fighting games. You know crapcom, just a thought.
AleVesper Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I just wish their other fighting game series got as much attention as Street Fighter did.

Fuck, I was WAITING for a PS3 Darkstalkers game. But Capcom basically said, "No, cause it wouldn't sell as well as all the Street Fighter IV updates". :grump:

I mean I loved Street Fighter IV and all, but God damn.
Zoltor Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2018
Crapcom tries their hardest to act like Darksiders doesn't exist.

Bah, SF 4 was utter shit, well better then SF 5, and MvC 3/Infinite, but that's not really saying much is it lol.
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Day--V Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
happy birthday from "Sega"!! :party: 

let's break out the JD. ;)
Zoltor Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2018

Sounds like a plan :)
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