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My first 10 Commissions

I can draw almost whatever you want.. i dont draw porn but i have no problem with sexy situations.

Payment via paypal, first part before start, and the other part when the work its done.

    Work flow
  • Send me a note first, feel free to ask.
  • Once we reach an agreement i need descriptions and, if you want, references.
  • You pay the first part of the payment.
  • I send you sketches, if its okay i'll start with the work.
  • When i'm done i'll send you a low resolution sample
  • if it's all ok, you pay the second part of the payment
  • i'll send you the full resolution work
  • everybody is happy

*****FIRST TIME DISCOUNT >> %50 OFF for this 10 slots.*****


Price List - the prices are with the %50 discount, the original prices are between brackets.
(if you want something not listed below, feel free to ask and i see what i can do)

Pencil Sketch - u$s 2.50.- (u$s 5.00.-)
-add character + u$s 2.00.-
-add background + u$s 2.00.-

Pencil Sketch with digital color reference - u$s 3.50.- (u$s 7.00.-)
-add character + u$s 3.50.-
-add background + u$s 3.50.-

Digital Tablet Sketch - u$s 4.50 (u$s 9.00.-)
-add character + u$s 4.00.-
-add background + u$s 4.50.-

Cell shading / anime style - u$s 5.00.- (u$s 10.00.-)
-add character + u$s 5.00.-
-add background + u$s 6.00.-

Digital Paint - u$s 10.00.- (u$s 20.00.-)
-add character + u$s 7.00.-
-add background + u$s 7.00.-

Pixel art -

Character - u$s 3.00.- (u$s 6.00.-)
-add character + u$s 3.00.-
-no background

Full Scene - u$s 6.00.- (u$s 12.00.-)
-add character + u$s 3.00.-
-with background

The works are priced for only one character, extra characters and backgrounds cost are not inside the discount.

The "add background" cost are for complex backgrounds, simple backgrounds can be added for no cost.

When we reach an agreement please send me:
  • What commission you want
  • deviantart user
  • email to contact you
  • paypal adress
  • and add all this info on your paypal note of your first payment

My works cannot be edited or modified to make something else
I can use the images in my own site for gallery/portfolio (watermarked if needed)

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