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The Lady Revan

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The Lady Revan in her Star Forge, after defeating Malak and reclaiming her mantle as most badass chick in the galaxy. She's now accepting all challengers.

Sorry, Carth. You can't win 'em all...

Awesome. ~Gard-Helset and I made this sweet HD wallpaper for you to enjoy in spirit of the pre-order of SW:TOR coming up. Celebrate the future of the franchise by looking back on the things they got right! I believe they're finally finishing Revan's storyline in the upcoming MMORPG, unfortunately they've canonised her as a male. Revan is female! Star Wars is already a total sausage fest without giving every decent character a dong.

I asked Gard to give me a female Revan, expecting the regular old Revan-in-drag routine they routinely pulled back in the day. He gave me this and I was not disappointed. Started off as a doodle that we passed back and forth and went on to um....and...then yeah. We kind of went crazy near the end.

You're the wind beneath my wings, man.
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This is the Real Revan, the other was just some homless guy who stole her cloths
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Move over, Kylo Ren, you ain't got shit on Revan
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Awesome! Badass! Beautiful!

All hail Revan!
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I am sometimes a sucker for a female Revan myself.
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If you are a true KotOR and Revan fan you MUST watch and comment this guys art:

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Stargazzer811Hobbyist Artist
Not that I need to but, I second what Zola said.
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Are you really using my comment section to advertise your foot fetish? 

Don't bring that shit into my front yard.
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Stargazzer811Hobbyist Artist
Apparently, he's done it anywhere there is female Revan art here on DA. 
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YES! I was just replaying KotOR for the first time in several years, with a female Revan as usual, and this time around I was particularly struck by how the figure shown as Revan in the flashback/vision scenes has a very obviously male physique. I would have loved to have either a female counterpart to show depending on the player character's gender, or just a more gender-ambiguous Revan. Anyhow, good artwork is good and will now represent female Revan in my head for the foreseeable future. :D 
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ChoujuXHobbyist Traditional Artist
So this is how Revan looks in Atton Rand's universe... nice work!
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DraceerStudent General Artist
I actually made a SWTOR character based on this fanart. Truly amazing work.
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Thank you! All credit goes to GardHelset for everything I have ever done in my life. He was the one that gave the KotOR Revan the alt female model Bioware didn't. 

Have they put Revan costumes into SWTOR now?
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I'm 68% sure you're giving me too much credit about your life, but as for femRevan model? Yes I did. I will defend this creation till the end of time, mostly because I'm proud of it, but partly because her hips make me gnaw on my knuckles just a little bit...
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Stargazzer811Hobbyist Artist
As they should, goddamn those hips are great.
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nightchildmoonchildHobbyist Writer
Beautiful work!

Funny thing, I'm actually on a playthrough of KOTOR 2 right now, and set a female Revan as dark side by mistake, despite playing as a light side female in KOTOR 1. In a way, it became a narrative of the "road not taken" for me. What bugs me about the set canon Revan and Exile is actually the force alignments. There were probably players who played a dark side Revan or Exile of either gender that weren't happy with the canon results, especially considering how dark/light side decisions can heavily alter the plot. 
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Well, Star Wars is throwing out anything Bioware did from canon, so I guess the plot is up in the air now? I think the dark/light side thing was inevitable, unless they were gonna add a third scenario for a grey jedi?

To be honest, I don't remember enough of KotOR 2 to really form any thoughts about the effects of the plot. I only played it once and I can't remember actually setting a Revan in that. I've lined it up to do a 1&2 play someday soon, so maybe I'll see it. 
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nightchildmoonchildHobbyist Writer
Personally, I wish the grey jedi were more explored, but that's just my opinion.

I'd recommend the Restored Content Mod.
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rcatstottHobbyist General Artist
better then the new movie
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Hyo38Hobbyist General Artist
Can I just say that that armor is sexy as hell.
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It just projects Power. And as they say "Power is the greatest aphrodisiac"
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phix701Hobbyist General Artist
Someone else here on DA posted this same exact image... named GardHelset...
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Oh come on!

His name is right there in the description, man. 
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phix701Hobbyist General Artist
This is an amazing piece.
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