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Pink Sweater

By Zolaida
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My FFXIV character Nocchi Elric! ♡ I’m always crushing on her eeee, I couldn’t resist to draw her again!

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She is adorable.
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This style fit you very very well !
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Sooooooo cute nya!

AKCat-Nya (Acchi kocchi) 
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She already gave credit to the artist.
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After Sharleen claimed it was her original work, and she was called out. Sure.
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Soooo CUUUUTE!!!
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Ayy nice Miqo'te!
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Thank you so much! :aww:
EdgyNeko's avatar
No problem!~ ^v^
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Everyone calls her Ahri, and to be fair she really looks like her. Like a lot.
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Too bad the cat race Miqo'te has been around a long time too ;) It's only because she has black hair too. But whatever I guess. People can never stop seeing things. You can draw all the originals you want but there will always be someone that says those famous words "this reminds me off", and then don't even say anything about the image. :shrug:
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Agreed, sometimes the character dont even look like and they say it does
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Yeah, unfortunately it is quite common! Usually I just ignore them though, not worth the time and effort :D
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this is so cute n pretty 
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The cute naughty expression is very well achieved.
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So cute! :D I love the rawr expression :3
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Haha thank you! :D
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she reminds me of ahri from league of legends
Zolaida's avatar
not really xD
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Gorgeous! Really nice expresion and so cute design! It´s really impossible not to fall in love ^^
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Thank you so much! :aww:
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