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My fate

Aaaand finally, some art again! I've been on a small vacation in the meantime ^^

This is an experiment turned wild :D This was a true struggle but much fun at the same time. You can download a bigger version :)
100% inspired by the Lightning Returns soundtrack ;w; <3


Luka by Zolaida    Blue Poison by Zolaida    Yuna by Zolaida   Princess Zelda by Zolaida
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I love it, too - Beautiful moonflower 
xXArtyMuseXx's avatar
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This is so beautiful, that I forgot the time and almost missed my train! 😰
It's one of my favourites already, plus it totally made me watch you 💖
TerraLumiere's avatar
Kaylio's avatar
How do you get your art to look so real O_O

I love her expression and the light upon her hair. 
ctestana's avatar
Simply beautiful I love this piece tells a story.
An-Tarxamon's avatar
Wonderful, catching :-) 
Zolaida's avatar
Thank you so much! :)
evil0verlady's avatar
This picture hints at an interesting story.:D
Zolaida's avatar
Thank you so much! :aww:
Epicdreaming's avatar
She is captivating and the white hand with the white leaf captures the imagination.  Love the detail and the lighting!
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I am happy you think so, thanks for the kind words! 💙
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I love this one !! I love your work ; )
Zolaida's avatar
Aaaa thank you so much! : )
Vadrielith's avatar
So pretty. Her expression denotes devotion. Very well done, congratulations!
Zolaida's avatar
Thanks so much for the kind words! :)
tolkienmithril's avatar
This is absolutely beautiful. I wish I knew how to create that see through effect for fabric.
Zolaida's avatar
Thank you so much^^ looking at photos always help me understand things :)
AnnaRIART's avatar
I love the story telling in this!
Zolaida's avatar
I'm glad you do! :love:
FanOfNarnia's avatar
Ohh, a leaf, from the forest spirt...
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