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Kill Me
Full picture with background, colored and shaded.

Depending on the complexity of your commission I may either refuse or ask for you to pay more.

You can also pay via paypal, just ask me through a note (it applies to all the commissions, not just those ones).
Simple Background
A scene (preferably one character) with little to no shading (or with cel shading).

Depending on the complexity of your commission I may either refuse or ask for you to pay more.
B&W Background
A scene with a background and without colours.

Depending on the complexity of your commission and the number of characters involved I may either refuse or ask for you to pay more.
Full Character with Colours and Shading
A colored character with shading.
Full Colored Character
A whole character with colours, but no shading.
Colored Head or Full Body Lineart
Just a head/bust with colours or the lineart of a whole character.
B&W Heads and Busts
Either multiple heads with different expressions or the upper part of one character.




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zokwani's Profile Picture
Artist | Varied
I love drawing, writing, reading comics and playing video games.

Et je parle le français, si vous préférez ça à l'anglais.

Tumblr: https/…

I'm a huge adept of the palette challenge.
If you want to suggest something, feel free to check my own palettes:…
:iconnorroendyrd: has tagged me to fill in this meme:

1) Post these rules.
2) Post 8 facts about your character.
3) Tag 8 other characters.
4) Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

Let's talk about Nahlaas, shall we?
Nahlaas by zokwani
  1.  They materialized out of nowhere. More exactly, I invented them for a fanfic, while writing the end of the chapter they appeared in. At first they were supposed to be a barely conscious staff, but as usual my characters never obey me and they took control of the scenario. Thus was born my favorite OC.
  2.  They want to try every possible food in Tamriel, but their favorite taste is definitely sourness. It's strong, but not painful, it wakes them and their body up, makes their tongue tickle, and it disappears like it came so you can taste it all over again. Sweetness is nauseating when there's too much of it, bitterness is a parasite on the tongue and salt isn't good by itself.
  3.  Nahlaas doesn't care much about children. In their opinion, kids don't have enough subtle memories to be interesting. In truth, I think they dislike kids' memories because it reminds them of themself and their ignorance of the material world.
  4.  It's not unusual to find them snoring on the dinner table, with their arms as a pillow and a coat put on their shoulders by Siltafiir. Being new to this whole "physical needs" thing, they haven't learnt to control it yet, and because digesting makes them sleepy, they just take naps wherever they are at the time. Which often means on the dinner table.
  5.  The ability to make sounds with your mouth is fascinating to Nahlaas, and not just speaking or singing, any sound. Any onomatopoeia that comes to their mind, they'll voice it and then try all kinds of variations. They have a particular interest in fart sounds, not because of the connotations, but because it leaves their tongue and lips numb and funny when they do it long enough.
  6.  Their general attitude would be the source of many conflicts if their best friend wasn't the renowned (and feared) Dragonborn. Nahlaas is rude. They never hesitate to push people out of their way, steal food from plates, cut people when they're talking, fart loudly… And they touch EVERYONE. They can see a person's memories if they maintain a physical contact for long enough, and spying on minds is one little pleasure they kept from their time as Værmina's tool.
  7.  Seeing (and eating) the memories of countless people has made Nahlaas extremely tolerant. To quote them: "Everyone has a reason to do what they do and nobody is completely innocent". Because of that, they're also unapologetic about their own flaws. Knowing that most people aren't that good is no motivation to become a better person (except when Siltafiir disapproves. Nahlaas doesn't want to displease her in any possible way).
  8.  Nahlaas met Siltafiir because she made a pact with Værmina, and they will sacrifice their life to break that contract and save their friend. It's the first time I ever write a character's entire life. Ever.

And now it's time to tag people… ok, you know what, whenever I have to think about names and such, I forget everything, so I'm just gonna tag the only people I can think of right now.

:iconcalamity-death: any OC you want, you have too many to just pick one!
:iconkitchensinkofdoom: same, kinda. I saw that you have OCs, but I can't find much about them (maybe I'm looking badly), so I don't know which to choose :-/

I really want to hear about everyone's OCs though! If you have any just say it in the comments and I'll edit this journal entry, or directly do the meme and say I tagged you, that works too!


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