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custom Starfox GBA SP

By Zoki64
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I know this was posted QUITE a while ago, but is there some place I can get this/something like this from the same person?
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Everything you see in my gallery was done by me. Sorry but I am no longer painting SP's. 
turlog's avatar
Ah crap. And you'll never do them again? Actually, a better question: these things are for sale somewhere, right? 
Plz god, plzzzzz
Hells-Maid's avatar
aweh man do you do comishes? i have been looking for a gameboy and i may not be into starfox, i love the way this came out the costom look to it is very simple and original lookin i love this. like. alot <3
Zoki64's avatar
Yes I do commission work but I will not do any more SP's. Its just too tedious to work on them.
Hells-Maid's avatar
Aw too bad, but what you do is amazing. i couldnt do it, very very talented friend x)
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Ever going to do a "making of" time lapse video? I've seen some people show videos of customization work on controllers, but the quality here seems a cut above. I'm curious as to what, if anything, you're doing different. (You mention wet sanding, I guess few people bother with that step?)
Zoki64's avatar
Not really, its already a lot of work to do a video of the final product. Also when spraying clear the dust it produces is very sticky and it would mess up my camera. I always wear a full face mask and cap so none of this stuff gets into my eyes or hair even tho I have a custom spray booth. 
There is no secret, I mix the clear,spray and set up my gun as the manufacturer recommends. I use a slow clear that flows out very nicely. It flows out very close to what the final product looks like but I still have to take out some of the imperfections that was caused by some of the dust particles. 
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This is fantastic. Doing a little bit of research, I presume this was originally a 'Pearl Blue' GameBoy? I'm going off the color of the 'pads' that are on the screen to cushion it when you close it.
Zoki64's avatar
Yeah, you are spot on, it was the pearl blue GBA.
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What did you use on this?
TheCrossfollower's avatar
Man this so cool, never seen such an awesome design on a gameboy!
Bscotchmer's avatar
Fantastic work mate, looks spectacular. Can't wait to get started on my own ones.
Fuzzycoma's avatar
Oh wow, amazing StarFox themed gba! *grabby hands*
lanigiroyos's avatar
how you do the gloss efect?
Zoki64's avatar
It comes glossy straight out of the gun bit its the color sanding and buffing that makes it look like glass.
lanigiroyos's avatar
thanks, actually im repainting some gba sp in i fell in love with yours when i saw it
Zoki64's avatar
These are kinda hard to paint. Everything is so tight and requires sanding after it is clear coated if you want it to function perfectly.
xDoubleLx's avatar
What number grit do you use?
Zoki64's avatar
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