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Custon TRON legacy themed N64

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Hi zoki,

Your work is awesome man! I would love purchase some of your consoles, can we work something out?
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How do you make them glow? Giggle 
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Awesome work! I only just did my first custom 64 in December and am working on a mini one at the moment. Why don't you upgrade the joystick to avoid them going lose? You can get the Gamecube style ones on ebay for $9
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I normally use the GC style stick but the customer wanted the stock one. The console was never meant to be played on anyway. 
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Well its a work of art but shame it was never meant to be played..
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Why, the guy has one of the biggest N64 collections in the world. A bunch of his stuff is still sealed and the rarest consoles are not to be played as well. The console I made has a solid black paint job, its the hardest paint to keep clean and scratch/hologram free so its better off to keep behind glass. 
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Well I guess that if its in a larger collection then that makes sense. Bit like a show car thats just for looks, I just like awesome looking stuff that still gets used but if its treated as a piece of art instead it will last longer for your client and it sounds like he has enough 64's to play on to keep that in a case!
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MY inner geek just gave my inner nerd a reach-around. O-O
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This is epic cool. Wow this is awesome. :D
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Whoa!!!  Do want!
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why u do diz to us
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I totally want one!
this is stunning, is it possible to buy one or send you the case for artwork ? 
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Awesome work of art. You have earned a favorite from me.
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Shut up and take my money!
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Looks awesome man!! 
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Awesome! Puts my ol', bog-standard grey N64 to shame.


Great job!  

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Damn this is nice. I want it.
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