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Custom zelda N64 controller

By Zoki64
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Long sold. You can order one but you would have to wait about 4 months.
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So awesome! This colour is pretty gorgeous :iconiloveitplz: That also would look good on a GC-controller :D
I'm wondering if the airbrush paint is really able to resist continuous gaming usage. Hands get warm and sweat a bit when playing ^^
Maybe that's something you better put behind glass to show off instead of actually using it ;D
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It all automotive paint and clear coat, the higher price range one. This stuff is designed to stick to cars for decades of abusement so I don't think some warm sweaty hands would ruin it :D But yeah, most of my customers have it as display pieces for their collection.
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I love this alot wow, how it glitters and everytihng.
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That's the most beautiful controller I have ever seen, It's just gorgeous. LOVE the Tri-Force symbol , well done.
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good for the collections
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I want this. O_O
Good lord.

Freakin' awesome.
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This is stunning, oh man. Good job! Also, MyNintendoNews tweeted about you, so good luck! xD
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This is the stuff of dreams.
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thanks, If you are really interested I have a similar right now on auction. Check out this link, the link to the auction is in the description: [link]
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it look amazing!!! i'm rather short on money right now so i won't be able to bid on it right now. although would i be able to ask to buy one when i have enough? as well as the Nintendo 64?
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