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2/15/17 - Tryout submitted.
3/2/17 - I got her aaaaa!!! Thank you guys<3
3/3/17 - Cashed her in using (12 of) Nadia's bones.
6/2/17 - Zinnia has grown out of her larvae stage! I mean, she's a juvenile now. 74% leg and 26% fluff. <:
9/1/17 - She's now a young adult!! Tweaked a few things in her bio too.
3/30/18 - Zinnia has left Vale to join Iscah on her travels. New app art! 8D
9/27/18 - Highvalley!!!! :0 
3/16/19 - Back to loners. <':
1/19/21 - New app and new artttt!! ;w; +older headshot cuz i was lazy LOL
:new: 1/28/22 - Her scar is healing! (late but u know what sh)

Light Purple Paw Print Bullet FTU I N T R O Light Purple Paw Print Bullet FTU 

Name: Zinnia ("zehn-ee-uh") Named after the flower
Nickname(s): Zin (Kin), Little Flower (Dahlia), Little Firefly (Lycan)

Gender: Female
Age: Young Adult (Three years as of March 5, 2020)
Date of Birth: March 5th 2017
Blood Status: Lowblood

Territory: None
Rank: Loner
Task: None

Light Purple Paw Print Bullet FTU P H Y S I C A L Light Purple Paw Print Bullet FTU 

Weight: 114 lbs 
Height: 35" 

Pup Short, tubby, and well-rounded in all aspects. She's pretty compact and it's difficult to tell what she'll be like when older. She has small paws, though, prompting thoughts that she won't be very big.
Adult A growth spurt pulls her height to match her mother's. She's not as muscled as Dahlia, but will outweigh her father - is a good deal thicker than him. Her paws are still small and her body is sleek and angled, with perhaps an elegance to it. She has a feathery tail and thick cheek fluff, as well as a "mane" of thicker neck fur. 

Marks: A jagged scar on her shoulder, a gift from Iscah.
Scent: Sweet, foresty, flowery.
Voice: Lilting, soft, "fuzzy" almost. Feminine and high-pitched. (Anna Kendrick)
Stance/Walk: Casual, often leaning one way or the other. As an adult she carries herself lightly and tends to step high. Bounces when in a good mood.

Light Purple Paw Print Bullet FTU K I N Light Purple Paw Print Bullet FTU 

Dam: Dahlia
Sire: Silvanus
Siblings: Evander (adopted brother), Hieronymus (brother), Hera (sister), Ambrose (brother), Aja (sister) 
Paternal Relations: Faust (cousin), Nickolai (nephew), Charlotte (niece), Elisabet (neice), Gabriel (nephew) 
Maternal Relations: Quinn (uncle)
Family Tree: HERE

Light Purple Paw Print Bullet FTU R O M A N C E Light Purple Paw Print Bullet FTU 

Orientation: Homosexual, homoromantic
Preference: Bright eyes, mysterious nature

Current Crushes: None
Past Crushes: Iscah

Mate: None
Offspring: None

Ship List
Iscah x Zinnia = Zincah
Joseline x Zinnia = Josinnia

Light Purple Paw Print Bullet FTU D E T A I L S Light Purple Paw Print Bullet FTU 

Personality Type: Campaigner (ENFP-T)

Traits: Generous, energetic, kind-hearted, spirited, invested, gullible, eccentric, whimsical, benevolent, selfless.

Bio: Zinnia is bound to leave her mark on the world, and she knows this. She wants others to know about her, of her, and what she can do. And what can she do? Well, that's a work in progress. She's got ambition, though, but it's a little vague. She wants to discover things, but this is no surprise. Her heart is brand-new and her eyes wide; the world before her is but a grand adventure waiting to happen.

Silly & Strange: An oddball, perhaps. Quirks and subtle actions set her apart from the average, in an almost unpredictable manner. Frankly, she tends to embody that word - one may find it a challenge to figure out how she works. Zinnia herself doesn't think she's any more confusing than her siblings or parents til she matures a little more, finding self-awareness. (It's also less noticeable when she was pup - as pups tend to be naturally strange.) There isn't a set description: she is goofy and bizarre and acts out of the ordinary. It's not wild or harmful, nor does it limit her skills in any way. Calling her 'crazy' might be a little far - but she's not likely to take offense. For the most part, she indulges in her oddness. Outwardly, she is not very sensitive, and will often take amusement in things directed at her that might be harmful to another. Humor is a vast part of her nature anyway; she's likely to be able to toss something clever back at anyone who pokes fun at her. 

Affectionate & Gentle: A little obvious, especially as a youth. The cold air of the north prompts those to be closer together too, or so one might use as an excuse. Zinnia is always up for cuddling into warm fur, especially when it belongs to one of her kin. She's less likely to fidget when bundled among others, and doesn't mind being squashed too much. The closeness means she is safe and loved, and she relishes in it. Aside from that, she is eager to press affection on those she cares about. She will be light and cautious until she knows she can lick someone's face as much as she wants. She knows how to be careful, how to be respectful. She could never forgive herself if she stepped on a spider! It's a shame no one else seems to care much for the many-legged critters... 

Passive & Forgetful: Of course, a puppy is prone to cowering. Zinnia was somewhat gutless throughout her youth. There were always others that will protect her, if not her siblings, then her parents. If not her parents, then the other wolves of Vale. Oh, how she admires those who can fight! Yet, how she fears the danger and pain. She shirks from conflict, even hesitant to play-fight when small. However, she was likely to be swayed into joining her littermates - initially it doesn't take much to convince her. Naturally, she trusts those around her and believes what they say. Even as she aged, she tended to think better of others than what they might be. She is also one to easily forgive and or forget. Her mind has never been good at holding onto things, unless they are of utmost importance.

Optimistic & Guarded: As she aged she began to take up a permanent cheer - or so it seems. Rather, she turned to blocking out negative emotions and masking them instead of allowing others to tell what she's truly feeling. This is for the good of everyone, in her mind. No one need to worry about her if she's always happy, and no one will be able to make fun of her or call her out for being upset or mad. In theory, it seems a plausible idea. In practice, well, she will see. But, it can't be too difficult for one like her. Zinnia is already excellent at being happy. She'll find the light in every blotch of dark, the escape to every cornered dead end. Everything has a good side to her, and she will do her best to bring it out should it hide. She wants to spread cheer, to light the blackness, to stay smiling because there are always things worth smiling for. 

Facts: Is fascinated to the point of obsession with insects and crawlies. Her closest friend was a silk moth she called "Whisper".

Likes: Bugs, exploring/discovering, praise.
Dislikes: Anger, yelling, fast water, thunder.
Fears: Loosing her family, drastic change.

Light Purple Paw Print Bullet FTU P A S T Light Purple Paw Print Bullet FTU 

Pre-Group History: 
Silvanus and Dahlia, formerly of the grand Havir, now reside with the refuges in the northern stronghold of Vale; a pack that has endured and regrown. After tying the knots of mateship, they are blessed with a litter of pups. Among them, creamy-colored Zinnia is born.

Group History: yeet

Light Purple Paw Print Bullet FTU O T H E R Light Purple Paw Print Bullet FTU 

Bones Log: [DotW] Zinnia's Bone Log
Moodboard: Click!
Relationships: Click!
Themes: Something That I Want, Rain, Get Back Up Again, Kingdom Dance
Other: N/A
ZIN STAHP by Naomi-Guardian
Pup Medallion by SilverPocky
Zinnia by Melondart
Sleepy Zin by Melondart
Marrok's Lesson by FeatherySpirit

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