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2/3/15 - Introducing Raghaalr.
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Red Bullet FTU I N T R O Red Bullet FTU 

Name: Raghaalr ("rag-HAA-ler")
Alt Titles/Nicknames: Ragha, Black Bear, Master Raghaalr

Joining Age: Adult - 4 Years, 7 Months (February 2015)
Current Age: Aged Adult - 10 Years, 9 Months (April 2019)
Birthdate: July 3
Gender: Female

Territory: Aryn
Rank: Rah'at Member
Task Warden

Red Bullet FTU P H Y S I C A L Red Bullet FTU 

Voice: Estelle - Click!
Scent: Musky, damp, earthy
Height: 34.5"
Weight: 140 lbs
Build: Blocky, muscled, and very bearish. She has rather short legs, but they are thick and strong. While not the tallest, she's very large in general, in a somewhat masculine way. Thick, scruffy fur that looks windblown all the time. Tangle extremely easily and Ragha is not fond of grooming, thus she appears somewhat like a walking bush at times.
Scars: Covered in a number of distinguishing marks. Muzzle scars and spine scar given by a cougar. Triple scar across her right eye was given during a battle by Shirubafurea.

Red Bullet FTU K I N Red Bullet FTU 

Sire: Muzon (deceased)
Dam: Keeloli
Siblings: Bittror, Quetal (deceased)
Other: Unknown

Red Bullet FTU R O M A N C E Red Bullet FTU 

Orientation: Pansexual
Virginity: Non-virgin

Current Crushes: None
Past Crushes: Undath

Mate: None
Past Mates: Undath
Blood Pups: Pallysa (deceased)
Adopted Pups: Alec

Red Bullet FTU B I O Red Bullet FTU 

Type: The Defender (ISFJ-A)
Personality: Fearless. Ragha has a powerful courage, and is always one to advance and challenge. She does not back down unless she absolutely must, and is willing to go to many lengths to defend and protect. She rarely ever shows fright, and carries fierceness wherever she goes, creating a harsh barrier. Most of her motions portray confidence and power, even when she is swamped with stinging emotions.

Violent. As said above, she is no stranger to battle and is often very engrossed in it. Her battered pelt is proof of her lifestyle. Raghaalr enjoys the fight. However, she is careful and respectful even in battle. She does not let her rage overtake her - if she can help it - and rarely seeks to kill. She is an honorable opponent and is proud of this. 

Cunning. Witty, clever, inventive. She has a brilliant mind, and has made use of it since day one. Especially in her herbal duties, having a clever mind has come in quite handy. Raghaalr has often taken her mother’s ideas and switched things around for easier or better use. She is always looking for new ways to do things, and enjoys coming up with other methods.

Compulsive. While brave and defensive, Raghaalr is also a bit pushy and intent on solving matters. She tends to jump straight into things without much preparation. She also tends to be somewhat arrogant, and has underestimated things before. She is also stubborn, and does not like being told what to do, which often leads to her making rash decisions. This can seem somewhat of a surprise, considering she is quite the thinker. She usually gets ahead of herself when she's upset or angry, while in a better mood she is less compulsive. 

Funny. One of her odder attributes is her knack for sarcasm and goofy responses. Raghaalr tends to use humor to relax, and it was something she caught from her mother, who was always joking about with her patients. Ragha does the same, and often has many strange things to say, which lead some to think she might be a little off the deep end. She likes to lighten things up, too, as it helps her bond quicker with those she meets. Many wolves appreciate humor, so she happily obliges. Of course, not all do, and she will usually turn serious when around those who react badly to her jokes. 

Independent. Coming from a lifestyle of being raised with very few others, Raghaalr is proud of her ability to hold her own and survive without the aid of others. She is very particular in her ways as well, and tends not to click with others right away. This trait has grown stronger throughout her life. However, she greatly enjoys socialization all the same. Pack life is her preference, and she will accept assistance should it be offered, unless in a downright stubborn mood. 

Easy-going. When things are calm and life is good, Ragha is quite passive and content. She can handle many annoyances and issues without breaking into a sour mood. She has a lot of patience on a good day. Of course, she'll often turn lazy too. Sprawling out in camp to let pups climb over her isn't so bad, as long as they don't chew too hard on her ears or tail. 

Likes: Company, cool days, water, eating, sleeping, playing, elk.
Dislikes: Hunting in snow, hot days, being scolded, being in charge, cruelty.
Themes: Dinosaur - Raptors/Stand Together, Seven Nation Army, Goodnight and Go, Willow Tree March

Facts: Raghaalr gives everyone she meets a nickname (following the format of adjective-noun, with the noun usually being another animal; i.e. "Silver-doe" or "Shadow-lynx").

Red Bullet FTU H I S T O R Y Red Bullet FTU 

Pre-Group History: Bolts of lightning pierced the sky as three pups were whelped to the she-wolf Keeloli. There was no pack to guard them, only a twisting tunnel of den. The lone female was well aware of the disadvantages of a single mother, but it had been her choice. She had been punted from the pack as a youngwolf, and since then become a wandering shaman. Her mate was long gone, a victim of sickness—a cruel ironic twist to the healer she-wolf. One of her greatest failures. But now, she had his legacy at her side, three squirming scraps of fur. They would be champions, the greatest of them all.

The eldest pup, Quetal, was a smoky-colored female with a fierce attitude. She constantly clashed with her sister, the second eldest, Raghaalr, and the two were quite the little warriors. Bittror, the youngest and only male, was a submissive fellow who stuck to his mother like sap (until she was fed up with his whining and kicked him away). The children were raised by a stern and somewhat bitter mother. Keeloli also tended to distract herself a lot, and with her duties as a medicine-wolf she often lost track of things. Fate kept her offspring safe, for now.

Raghaalr took interest in her mother’s work with nature. In this land, Keeloli was a well-known figure, and she often had visitors—those seeking help or guidance or wisdom. This, in turn, was certainly entertainment for the pups, who met many a strange rogue or noble pack wolf. As they grew, Keeloli taught them some of what she knew in the herbal department—the basics, anyway. Neither Quetal nor Bittror seemed interested past that, but Raghaalr would pester her mother for details, and stick around whenever there was a patient being treated or talked with. There was just something cool about it. How these earthly things, leaves and flowers and berries, could affect wolves differently. Raghaalr saw power in her mother’s work. She could change things. Ragha wanted to do that.

As they became less like pups, Keeloli took her litter on their first journey. Before whelping, she’d been nomadic. Now that her children were strong enough for more intense motion, she took up that lifestyle again. This gave them a chance to see the world, from open plains to high mountain peaks, from rushing rivers and vast woods. All three youngsters enjoyed the wandering. Raghaalr had a fierce urge in her paws to run and see the world, to know all its secrets. Strife came, though, in the form of fire. A haunting smoke rose through the forest they rested in, sending them fleeing. Through the terror, Quetal became stuck. The family had no choice but to leave her after many failed attempts to free her. They watched as flames engulfed her.

A couple months after the burning, Keeloli began the remaining pair’s hunting lessons. Proper ones, rather than early games of catching voles and hares. She’d become harsher after her eldest daughter’s passing, but no one was prouder than Keeloli when her pups took down their first elk together.

Raghaalr would leave soon, but she had more to learn from her mother. Bittror stayed merely because he was anxious and wary, despite the fact that Ragha bullied him. She portrayed disgust at his weaker demeanor, some of which was possibly shared by Keeloli, though more hidden. Weeks passed as the daughter learned from her mother. She would practice too, whenever a wolf came by who needed assistance. Bittror, although not as enthused, would take much of the knowledge with him when he left, as Keeloli often kept him around the lessons whether he wanted to be present or not.

Eventually Ragha departed, taking her brother with her (Keeloli would not let him stay with her). She managed to loose him, and to this day somewhat regrets abandoning her sibling, even though at the time she was happy to be rid of him. Perhaps they will meet again. In the meantime, Raghaalr stumbled upon a small pack—a close-knit and peace-seeking pack known as Itrilmis, and out of curiosity, decided to join, offering her skills as a healer. It was a pleasant time. She met a particular he wolf named Undath, and the two became quite close. Some months after her arrival into Itrilmis, Raghaalr was promoted to head healer. Not long after that, she took Undath as her mate.

To nobody’s surprise, Raghaalr announced pregnancy. However, during that time she discovered the political state of Itrilmis was crumbling. Undath was involved in shrouded matters, and was found to be plotting against the current alpha. He and his followers were ousted from the pack in a bloody civil war. Raghaalr turned against her mate, and so he attacked her. But then he was forced away, with the rest of his gang. The remaining wolves gathered together and patched things up, but Raghaalr was stained with a hate for her former mate, and a grief so strong it nearly killed her.

She gave birth to a single daughter, a small yet ferocious little thing. She had her father’s pearly grey eyes, but her coat was dark like Ragha’s. Despite her father’s betrayal, Raghaalr loved her little child more than herself. She named her Pallysa, and raised her in the ashes of Itrilmis, as it stumbled from the rage of the coup and rebuilt. Before long, when Pallysa was reaching her eleventh week, Raghaalr took off from the pack. Despite the new beginning, she needed to escape from the place of bitter thoughts and move on. And besides, her paws itched to be on the move again. She took her daughter along, despite her youth, and wandered the world again.

She kept her shaman skills, and offered them to any wounded or ill wolf she encountered. She was happy to teach her daughter, though Pallysa seemed more interested in chasing butterflies and toads then learning about willow root and tansy. Ragha was patient and clever, but did not force her pup into anything. During one late autumn day, when the prey was hiding and the ground frozen, a cougar made an attempt to kill Pallysa. Driven by hunger, it attacked Raghaalr and managed to wound her enough to knock her down and steal away her child. Although she gave chase, she could not reach her daughter, and Pallysa’s panicked cries rang through her ears the rest of the day.

The she-wolf sunk into depression. She took a startling turn, and began to attack those she came across in blind rages—hallucinating the mountain lion everywhere. It took months for her to find peace again. It came slowly, leaving her hard and broken and angry. Returning to her medicinal work soothed her slightly, and eventually she found some of her humor again. It wasn’t long before she discovered Aryn, and joined in the hope of a refreshed start, a second chance at living with others.

Group History: 

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Bones Log: Link!
Moodboard: Click!
Relationships: Click!
Other: N/A

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