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Tryout for Nadia. c:
I drew her right after commenting on the picture, but it took me three tries to get this line art. ;D;
i think it's finished ??

5/3/2015 - Ermagerd I won!
9/13/15 - Updated to juvenile!
3/26/16 - Updated app art to young adult, and fixed bio formatting!
5/6/16 - Moved to new app!
5/21/16 - Announced as Chandor's Alphess. I know her app is like, missing part of the outline, but I'm lazy.
10/1/17 - Waaay overdue for new art! I really like this one ;u; Also fixed the silly app outline xD And moved her bones log to stash yay
12/16/17 - Added her eye dots that I forgot x'D
3/4/18 - Added her new scars, feather accessory, and tweaked a few things in her bio!!
7/16/19 - NEW ARTS!!! +fancy scars from the bear >:0
:new: 1/18/21 - new app new app!!! and new art <;

Dark Blue Paw Print Bullet FTU I N T R O Dark Blue Paw Print Bullet FTU 

Name: Nadia
Nickname: Naa...?

Age: Young Adult - 6 Years, 2 Months (July 2021)
Birthdate: May 3, 2015
Gender: She-wolf

Pack: Chandor
Rank: Alaka'i (Alpha)
Task: Lynx Totem (performs these duties alongside her alpha ones)

Dark Blue Paw Print Bullet FTU P H Y S I C A L Dark Blue Paw Print Bullet FTU 

Height: 33"
Weight: 100 lbs
Build: Tall, elegant, smooth-furred and lean. Long legs and curved lines. Bears a graceful, feminine posture, but is still built strongly and weathered. She is usually smiling slightly or looking thoughtful. 
Marks: Two small scars on her chin (accidental from Malachi), a nick in her right ear (from a hawk), a set of three gashes on her left shoulder (from a grizzly bear), and a slash across her muzzle from Nergal. 
Adornments: A long white eagle feather stuck in her thick neck fur (a gift from Malachi). 
Voice: Amandla Stenberg (Youth)
Scent: Carnations

Dark Blue Paw Print Bullet FTU K I N Dark Blue Paw Print Bullet FTU 

Sire: Rowan (deceased)
Dam: Aethelynda (deceased)
Siblings: Reed, Juniper, Mason
Other: Gregor (grandfather), Chandra (grandmother, deceased), Mona (grandmother-in-law), Elia (step-aunt), Geoffrey (step-uncle), Moira (step-aunt), Frazier (step-uncle), Rhaegan (cousin), Enzo (cousin), Polaris (cousin)
Family Tree: Link!

Dark Blue Paw Print Bullet FTU R O M A N C E Dark Blue Paw Print Bullet FTU 

Orientation: Bisexual

Current Crushes: None
Past Crushes: Samwell, SorenRemus

Mate: None
Pups: None

 D E T A I L S  

Themes: Spirit Soundtrack, Here I AmShut Up and Dance, Bloom, Woodland

Type: The Consul (ESFJ-A)
Personality: Goofy, confident, matriarchal, bossy, friendly, charming, playful, aloof, finicky, selfless.

As a pup, Nadia knew what she wanted. As a juvenile, she began to question this. And by the time she earned her place as leader of Chandor she was no longer certain. The world was far bigger than she could ever know, and the possibilities of her future limitless. But that's okay with her! While she may be quite determined, Nadia is prone to overstepping herself. Occasionally she rushes ahead--forgetting steps or parts needed before she can finish what she's doing. Her impulsiveness can lead to some mishaps, of course. Nadia tends to be irate when someone tells her she missed something, though. She's pretty proud and hates to be at fault.

But this leads on to her kind nature. While outgoing and sometimes finicky, she's got a good heart. She naturally looks for friends, and wants to be a part of the social bonding with others. Friends - relationships of all kinds - are hugely important to her, even if she must put aside a task to offer support to one. Nadia is infinitely selfless, and this has only been driven further into her nature by her role as alpha. Her pack means everything to her, and everyone in it is just as important to her as her kin. She would willing step into harm's way to prevent such to a packmate or friend. 

Especially as a pup, Nadia has always enjoyed messing around. Typical of any youth, really. She kept her goofiness as she matured, though, but it never went over any lines. She would not purposefully cause harm to another for laughs, but a little discomfort was often guaranteed. Amusement was brought about to lighten the day or cheer up a friend. Before she gained most of her common sense she was often causing mischief, tumbling about with her littermates and causing trouble whether she meant to or not. As she aged she learned what wasn't something she should do, while maintaining a humor that kept her in good spirits. Anyone who wants to playfight is a welcome friend.

Nadia's bossiness has severely lessened through her growth and experiences. Being the only girl in her litter gave her a tough, fierce manner from the start, and she was insistent and fought back without hesitating. Though she has mellowed greatly, she still remains independent and strong.

Likes: Playing, socializing, springtime, chasing things, winning.
Dislikes: Losing at games, being alone, anger of others.
Fears: Floods, death.

 P A S T  

Pre-Group History: Just as the sun rose, the last little pup entered the world. Daughter of Aethelynda and Rowan, the youngest pup was now part of a loving family. Nadia wiggled about until she found a teat to suckle on. There she was, with three brothers and her mum, safe in a little den. Here I am, she thought.

Group History: 

 O T H E R

Bones Log: Link!
Moodboard: Click!
Relationships: Click!
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Dang Nadia <333 she’s looking great!