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[DotW] Mirakel of Chandor


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5/30/18 - Born, submitted to dA.
6/1/18 - Added to group.
9/5/18 - She do a grow!!!! :0
11/18/18 - Mira gets her first job! I mean, she has a task now.
12/6/18 - aAAAAA she's so big now ;W;
5/17/19 - she's a whole year old!!! (almost lol) tweaked a bit of her personality and stuff <:
2/6/20 - fancy new arts!!! i realized after she looks SO MUCH like Dayanara and i'm actually super pleased <3 she'll be two years in a few months!!!
1/20/21 - wheeee and new app!! new art bc why not!!
:new: 3/7/22 - heheheh new scars

Light Purple Paw Print Bullet FTU I N T R O Light Purple Paw Print Bullet FTU    

Name: Mirakel ("Meer-uh-kehl")
Nickname(s): Mira (by kin)
Meaning: "miracle" in Swedish

Gender: Female
Age: Young Adult (two years, eight months - Jan 2021)
Birthdate: May 30, 2018

Territory: Chandor
Rank: Kumu (Gamma)
Task: Owl Totem

 P H Y S I C A L  

Species: Wolf

Weight:  75 lbs (adult)
Height: 31" (adult)

Appearance: Like her littermates, she starts out weak and small, but through the help of Heyl's healers she grows fast. Still a little on the small side, but not drastically, with thick flowing fur like her mother's. It's usually askew and tangles easily. As a pup, Mira's legs are a little longer than the norm, but she grows into them later. By default her back has a slight arch to it. She has tufted cheeks and wide, large ears. Her eyes are a tad bit lighter than her father's. 
Additions: Wears a barn owl primary feather on her neck fur in subtle memory of Makenna and as homage to her totem and favorite bird.
Scars: A fading scar on her left side given by a wolverine, and a few slashes on her face from the Hive's General Maggot. 

Abnormalities: Spinal Dysraphism - Deformity in lumbar region of the spine which causes gives an odd gait and some trouble rising/laying down. Epilepsy - Suffers from occasional seizures, varying from mild to severe. 
Stance: Holds herself at odd angles, often propped or leaning. Tends to shift weight often. Walks with a slight hopping motion caused by spinal lesions.  
Voice: Soft and breathy, childish. (Toph from A:TLA)

 K I N  

Dam: Dayanara
Sire: Navindru
Siblings: Mila, Makenna, Eustace, Faucon, Ataw
Other: Venus (father's cousin), Alizarin (uncle), Frillra (paternal grandmother), Dhengr (paternal grandfather), Turian (maternal grandfather), Myrna (maternal grandmother)

 R O M A N C E  

Orientation: Pansexual
Preferences: Unknown
Virginity: Virgin

Current Crushes: None
Past Crushes: None

Mate: None
Offspring: None

Mirakel x Orpheus = Morpheus (morphine<3)
Mirakel x Nikola = Mirakola (a magic elixir?)
Mirakel x Andi = Andikel (candy...)

 D E T A I L S  

Type: The Mediator (INFP-T)
Personality: Quiet, nervous, overzealous, selfless, disorganized, airheaded, benevolent, gentle, philosophical.

From her earliest days, Mirakel's behavior encompassed an anxious, unsteady caution. Small paws tred with utmost care, senses alert to her surroundings at all times. Yet in spite of her nervous nature, the girl holds a strong desire to explore and discover the world around her. It's a strange battle between wariness and curiosity, often ending with a frustrated pacing - or hopping, rather. Her fascination with everything beyond her reach makes it especially troublesome for her kin; to her siblings, it was an excuse to adventure as well. Mira is no leader, but she is eager in a subtle way, and attentive. She was less than impressed with Chandor's quiet haven, though she still loves it all the same. Learning the world was more than just their lands was a breathtaking moment, and wanderlust kicked in. 

Though noticeably shy, Mira prefers company. Being on her own meant she was in reach of danger. As a youth she was perhaps more clingy than one would desire, particularly to her littermates. Adults, however, seemed to enjoy her desire to press against and hide, and Mira finds herself hanging out with the elder crowd rather often. Her keen ears quickly tune in to conversations she'd otherwise not hear. Her child mind doesn't always process things well, and most of it is boring anyway, but she ends up knowing tidbits here and there. As she ages she loses her fear of being alone as her desire to explore the world pulls her into the woods. In the end, however, she would rather be among a group.

Mirakel was - to put it bluntly - a bit of a pushover. In her youth she was submissive and quiet, usually hyper aware of the goings-on around her. Obedience was easy; she feared anger and was always trying to please others. Still though, she puts herself and her desires last, at times without thinking, and sometimes forgets to take care of her needs in the process. Despite her thoughtful nature, she is prone to forgetting and missing the obvious sometimes. She is particularly oblivious after an epileptic episode. 

After her sister's disappearance, Mirakel finds herself easily upset and heavily pessimistic. She disappears for hours on end sometimes, wandering past Chandor's borders. She has a very good sense of direction, and sense of smell, and does not easily find herself lost. Though she enjoys the presence of her pack, she is much more adjusted to being on her own now. The loneliness is still there, much of the time, but she finds a strange comradery in the quiet.

Driven by her selfless nature, Mira is no longer the pup who hides behind the legs of her kin. She's actually quite brave, but almost ONLY when protecting or helping another. She is not usually aware of this and still thinks of herself as somewhat of a coward. 

- She has trouble sleeping and wakes easily. 
- Mira wears out quite fast, particularly as a child, which drives her absolutely nuts because of her desire to explore. 
- She loves the sound and smell of rain, but hates getting her fur wet.
- As she ages she strongly wishes to return to Heyl and thank them for helping her family (and perhaps see old friends).
- The Owl Totem interests her the most, particularly the story-telling part. She wants very badly to dance like they do, but often has a lot of trouble moving because of her spine issue, which results in much frustration. 

Likes: Exploring, springtime, naps, learning, her family.
Dislikes: The unknown, being cold, moonless nights. 
Fears: Childbirth, death of kin.

 P A S T  

Pre-Group History: 
Long-time member of Chandor, Navindru, and his mate Dayanara, endure a period of strife after the latter finds herself expecting pups. Poisoned by herbs, she and Navindru rush to Heyl for assistance. To the relief of all, Dayanara pulls through and gives birth. One stillborn marks only the first reminder of her illness, as the three surviving daughters are burdened each with minor disabilities.

Group History: N/A

 O T H E R  

Bones Log: Link!
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Relationships: Link!
Toyhouse: Clickie!

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