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Chandor's territory has been updated for post-quake! It's a little late...okay a lot late...but here we are! :''')
Centered in the Domain, Chandor is known to be a rich, verdant valley. A glimpse of the forest betrays its lush, paradise-like features, which rarely suffer more than the usual change of seasons. New landmarks are likely to be added over time. If anyone has ideas, feel free to comment or note me! Warning; I may be picky.


1. The Main Den (Camp, Densite)
Chandor's densite is tucked away in the center of the woods, set in a small clearing ringed by shrubs and thick vegetation. It's not so easy to spot from the outside, and is slightly lower than the land around it. Inside it is mostly dirt or stubby grass, pockmarked by pawprints and packed down by countless wolves trailing through. In summer the bushes provide excellent den material, and the camp is quite sheltered from a majority of the elements. In winter, though the leaves are gone, there are usually enough dead branches to build spaces out of, and there are a number of divets in the ground where dens have been dug. Despite the efficient shelter, the camp is prone to flooding, as it is downhill of the nearby river. 

2. Chandra Isle
A small island is situated between the split in the main river. Named after Aethelynda's mother, it is a tiny paradise within Chandor's already lush territory. It's high enough above the rivers that it rarely floods, but the water provides nourishment to allow for a huge growth of vegetation. An old overgrown den marks the spot where Lyn frequented, and also birthed her pups. To this day it remains as a sacred place, particularly for those who knew the fallen alpha well. 

3. Wyvern Falls
A curious spot at the base of the mountains; Wyvern Falls is a set of waterfalls that torrent down the cliffside into a small pool. It's a little ways out of the woods, surrounded by dry grass and various small plants. The name comes from the rock that splits the highest fall; it appears to be a winged beast diving towards the base of the hill. It's a very scenic spot, though it does not provide much in terms of food or shelter and so it is not often visited. 

4. Alabaster Point
There is not often a good reason for wolves to venture into the mountains, and so Alabaster Point is mostly used as a reference to the surrounding land. It is the tallest peak around Chandor, and even in summer the tip is adorned with a white frosting of snow. 

5. Caper Meadow
The northwest of Chandor opens into a broad, grass-covered plataeu known as Caper Meadow. Though not completely devoid of trees, they are spread decently far from each other and the shade they provide is meager. Caper is home to countless rabbits, as well as smaller rodents and songbirds that nest in the grass. Occasionally deer venture out of the woods to graze. The view from Caper stretches quite far, even beyond the borders. 

6. Morrow Cross
A narrow path opens between the southern mountains, providing access to the land beyond. Only a few wolves remember the pack Morrow, once an ally, and this was the fastest and easiest way to reach them. Though the pack is long gone, the name has stuck. Naturally the pass is less frequented these days, and so it is rather overgrown, but still accessible. 

7. Polished Pass (Charyn Pass)
Rather than cross the mountains, wolves going west will take the trail through Polished Pass. Easy to spot and easy to follow, it is a wide, barren canyon that runs between the hills. There is a lack of vegetation, including trees, which makes it somewhat dead in appearance. The ground is smooth and dusty, heavily eroded by by the wind and rain. The bits of grass and small plants that manage to grow here don't often last long, but they always return. The Charyn Pass River runs through the canyon, making it easy to follow until reaching the next valley. Naturally, as it leads to Aryn's territory, it has also earned the name Charyn Pass. 

8. The Valley
The very heart of the territory is simply dubbed The Valley. Mostly forest, it is a lush and overgrown landscape, an ideal place for many animals - making it an excellent source of food from rodents to deer and moose. In summer the atmosphere is nearly tropical. The amount of moss is heavy and at times one can find spots nearly covered in the soft green growths. The trees are largest in the middle of the woods, at times wider than the length of two wolves. Though there is a plethora of vegetation, it is not too tricky for one to maneuver through, especially if they know their way around.

9. Bareface Meridian
In the south lies a strange barren spot; a large clearing in the pines that bears little life. No trees, not shrubs, and what little grass that remains is weak and dry. No one is sure why the landscape is so desolate. Some say it might be haunted, full of evil spirits, but surely those are just tall tales. 

10. Blackwater River
The northernmost river is the largest, but also the slowest. Named after the ravine it pours out of, which gets very little sun, it provides further nourishment to Chandor's main forest life. It winds south, connecting with the other rivers, then heads west to spill into the lake. There are various good fishing spots along the bank. The slow water makes it a mostly safe spot hang around. 

11. Grasspath River
A small river, more of a stream, runs out of the mountains further south. It passes through a small meadow before entering the woods, giving it its name. It is the shortest waterway, as it merges quickly with Charyn Pass's river. 

12. Charyn Pass River
This is the river that leads through the pass to Aryn, making it an important landmark, as one can follow it almost all the way to camp. At the start it's a rather fast river, however, and one is not advised to swim. It slows down once it merges with Silverhills and Blackwater, however, and is calm by the time it reaches Chandra Isle. 

13. Silverhills River
The southernmost river pours out of the mountains as well. Though it is difficult to follow upstream, it is known to go almost as high as the snow-covered peaks, thus giving it its name. Naturally, it provides the coldest water, a lot of which is simply snowmelt. The river winds through a number of clearings before it merges with the others and is said to be one of the most scenic places.

14. Lochlyn (Lyn's Lake)
Perhaps the most interesting feature since the earthquake is the new lake formed on the western side of the territory. It's a wide, visually appealing stretch of water with borders on both the woods and open grassland. It was named after Aethelynda, a decision supported by the entire pack. Though still new, it has become a frequented place, by both wolves and prey animals. It lies quite close to the main den, adding another threat of flooding, but so far the waters have not risen that far. 

15. Dryslope
The grassland at the very north reach of the territory becomes dry and tough as the land rises towards the mountains. It's not a very popular spot, as it's rather lackluster in comparison to the rest of the territory. A number of boulders dot the sloping terrain. Rabbits and birds-of-prey dominate the food chain. The eagles make for a rather fierce opponent, so it is unwise to travel here alone.

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