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[DotW] Girls Chase Birds
Though she understood the facts of it, Zinnia was a little miffed she couldn't spend every second next to Iscah. Of course, the more she thought about it, the more she realized that was a ridiculous concept. The grey she-wolf needed time to herself, doing whatever it was she did, and Zinnia was only too happy to oblige to anything she asked, naturally. Thus the young former Valerian was traipsing the woods on her own, possibly looking for a meal. She was almost fervent in hunting for the both of them, which Iscah seemed to enjoy.
Zinnia wasn't much of a huntress, admittedly. She had trained as a healer, and had only practiced her hunting skills on occasion. Fish she could do, but they were unusual and she didn't want to bring back something Iscah didn't like. Deer were most certainly out of her skill range. This left smaller creatures such as pheasants or hares. To her delight she'd found a trail of the former. Discarded feathers marked the way, providing an easy path to what would hop
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Adoptable: Almond [OPEN] by Zoketi Adoptable: Almond [OPEN] :iconzoketi:Zoketi 7 4 [DotD] Miquackel by Zoketi [DotD] Miquackel :iconzoketi:Zoketi 11 13
[DotW] It Was Silent
"Wait," she breathed. 
The woods were silent. It rang in her ears, stark and desolate. Her paws made barely a rustle as she moved across the dead leaves. The trail was strong, brushed over the vegetation and sharp with fury worse than she'd even known. This time was unlike the others. She felt it heavy in her chest, and yet still she followed the scent, almost unaware of the motion, as though her legs were simply carrying her without direction. 
She'd lost count of the minutes by the time she spotted him. He had slowed, perhaps realizing that someone was tracking his path. She stumbled over her paws as she came to a halt, amber eyes stretched wide. She looked upon him with something like fear, a new and horrid emotion that he had brought upon her. Words died in her throat and she merely breathed as he turned slowly to face her. 
The anger she'd seen only a short while before had faded, leaving nothing but a defeated-looking scowl. He stared unblinkingly for a mome
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This Frustration by Welihn This Frustration :iconwelihn:Welihn 60 6 karma by Moonaloo karma :iconmoonaloo:Moonaloo 35 10
Vaiyalhi x Rudyard | Hunting W/ Jane and John Doe
A thin layer of snow coated the ground, softly crunching as the she-wolf walked. Early morning had called her away from her mate to seek a warm, fresh meal. The past few days they'd been finishing an elk carcass, but the meat had since lost its taste by the nightly freezes. Vaiyalhi was ravenous for something alive; something that wouldn't stick to her tongue and burn. 
It would have to be small, of course, but it would still be enough. Perhaps she could catch a pair of hares or startle something from its den. She wasn't keen on using up all her energy in a chase, though often hunting on one's own required all their energy. She was naturally quite accustomed to this, and for the most part favored hunting with Cody. But the morning was bright and she was restless. 
The pale loner paused and snuffled quietly at a set of tracks in the snow. White-tailed deer, not something she could target alone. There was always a chance she could get lucky, but she wasn't prepared to risk that
:iconfrostedcanid:FrostedCanid 5 1
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United States
heyo. i'm zoketi, feel free to call me zo or zok or something. i'm a lame art nerd with a passion for animals.
i do too much roleplay, love music, and sometimes get into photography.

the doodle gallery

[ here comes a thought . blame . closer . silver lining . hopeless wanderer . bloom . halcyon . the mute . bitter water ]

:bulletgreen: Chickensmoothie @ zoketi.
:bulletorange: MyLionKing @ Zoketi
:bulletblue: Tumblr @ halcyonraccoon and @ zoketi-fr
:bulletred: YouTube @ Zoketi
:bulletblack: @ Zoketi
:bulletwhite: Flight Rising @ 214134 (Zoketi)
:bulletpurple: Feral-Heart @ Zoketi / Troodon / Grimes
:bulletpink: Steam @ Zoketi
:bulletyellow: Instagram @ halcyonraccoon



[DotW] Vaiyowlhi

i'm going to try and do this meme for each character :'D even though i've been heckin struggling with kitty anatomy wheeze
anyway, Vai's also inspired from her original cat design (here); she's a Javanese Siberian cross with blue lynx point markings!! her warrior name would be Mistmask, and she'd probably by in either ShadowClan or WindClan <:
[DotW] Inexplicable

She has come home.

Against all hope, all thought, all belief, she returned.

Isn't it wonderful?


It's too perfect.

She's unscathed, whole and bright.

There is now doubt.

Something is not right.


Pls excuse this sloppiness, it's a jumble of testing. <': Raghaalr I did in GIMP, while the bg I did in firealpaca. Trying to figure out what works better where, aaaah. 
Anyway, a reaction. c: #shook 
precious tatertot [gift]
deer smeemely/smoob/jenna/mybitch
a very happy birthday to my favorite loser wife <3
ilu even if ur a meanie buttface and i hope u have a gRANDFABULOUS DAY with lots of dog kisses and maybe some cake
one day ill make u something physical and ill knock down ur door to give it to u
ur stupid 
ur gay wife zo

khepri (c) smimley 
art (c) Zoketi 



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