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cover image done by the great @matrixpotato

heyo! i'm zoketi, feel free to call me zo or zok or something. i'm a lame art nerd with a passion for animals. i do too much roleplay, love music, and sometimes get into photography. for weird humor, memes, and inside jokes: the doodle gallery [ here comes a thought . blame . closer . silver lining . hopeless wanderer . bloom . halcyon . the mute . bitter water . it's alright ]

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Favourite Movies
TLK, Brother Bear, Harry Potter, The Hobbit, Studio Ghibli movies, most Dreamworks & Disney animated
Favourite TV Shows
BigCatDiary, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Bones, Steven Universe, Xena, She-Ra
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Mother Mother, The Crane Wives, Cavetown, Florence & the Machine
Favourite Books
Warriors, Harry Potter, Inheritance series, Wings of Fire
Favourite Writers
Christopher Paolini
Favourite Games
ARK: Survival Evolved, Minecraft, Guild Wars 2, The Isle, Meadow, Don't Starve, Pokemon
Favourite Gaming Platform
Nintendo DS or PC
Tools of the Trade
GIMP, FireAlpaca, pencil&paper

Chandor Hive Wars Prompts - Summer 2021

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Summer is here. The air is warm and damp with a rotten scent that seems to linger throughout the territory, despite Chandor’s best efforts to remove the remains of the prey. There has been no discernable pause in the concerning patterns of the mysterious happenings on the border, in fact they seem to have increased. But there are few answers. The great herds are weaker this season, fewer in numbers, but thankfully summer’s bounty means hunger is at bay at last. With one less thing to worry about, all focus goes into protecting Chandor and trying to figure out just what they are dealing with… Details The origins of the tracks, prey, and unknown scents remain still mostly out of reach. There is an increasing number of prints, including ventures further into the territory. The majority of the happenings are occurring on the western side of Chandor, along Caper Meadow’s border and the northern fringes. The mountain range in between Chandor and Aryn is less touched. Hulking white wolves
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yo in lieu of spamming ppl or servers - a smol apology for being slow for rps/art!! muse is struggling :')
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i forget this is a thing but come watch us die https://www.twitch.tv/matrixpotato
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Thanks for this llama badge. May I introduce myself to you?

helo sure :0

Hello. I'm Nickolas/Club-Dreamiverse and I'm doing good, you? Want to role-play with me in notes or chatroom?

i'm doing goob!! and apologies but i'm definitely full on roleplays at the moment!!

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You should check out wolfhome.com I think you may enjoy it, especially for roleplaying or just putting you Oc to use :)

(You can use your own art as an avatar)

hey!! i don't know if you remember me at all, but i rped puddle paw in dappleton!! hope you're doing well!! <3

aaAAA omg hello!!! <3 i'm doing alright; hope you are too!