The Sweetest Meatsack

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:below:Fondest Memories of RatFinky Meatsack::below:

I had to put my sweet little rat down today. Her tumor was sucking too much of her life out, and she was gettin' up there in her years. Almost a full three. They said that it was really her age that made her turn for the worse, and that she lived a long, happy, ratty life. I guess that we put her down it made things better; no more suffering, I've heard it a thousand times and I'm growing to hate the phrase. I'm plenty aware of WHY I had to put her down, I just don't need my dad saying it every fifteen seconds, as if it's some new revelation. Yeah, I'm gonna cry. Deal with it and leave me alone. This isn't about him, or me, though. This is a placement of memory for my little Ratty-cakes.…
There she is, a little baby meatsack, all peach-fuzzy and blurry from my amazing photography skills.……
There she is, eating the crap out of a little rat cookie, that I couldn't for the life of me find more of at any pet store. It was so cute when I gave her treats back when she was in that cage. She'd always take it, so daintily, from my fingers, then charge to her wheel and run like mad to burn all her excitement, so she could actually get to eating it.……
Here the little bum is being lazy on one hot, and one cold, day. I loved that she'd grab her rag and drag it into her beloved coconut shell, then stuff the entrance full until she could only peep her big, silly eyeballs out. It was in this picture, that I discovered that she had one brown, and one red eye. It wasn't very noticeable, unless she was in the right light, though.……
Here's mah babies hammin' it up on my keyboard. They liked to play music, but had a little bit of a problem holding the keys down. They just weren't fat enough.…
Here's one tired Shaa-shaa, in her Dollar General uniform, with some strange creature peeping of of her shirt. When it was cold, she loved to crawl right in where the buttons are, not bothering to wait for an invite. She's stay in there for the longest time too, before she did her potty dance. lol…
There she is again, being the lil' meathead she always was. She's the only rat I've know that loves to watch TV and go for car rides. She hated baths, and nail trims. She'd come right to me when I made kissy noises, and run right back in the cage when I'd snap. She'd clean my nails when I stuck them in the cage, and she'd lick my eyelids, like the weirdo she was. She was definitely a shoulder rat, if I've ever seen one, could sit up there and watch you do anything without ever trying to escape. When Fuzzy-rat would escape the cage and leave the door wide open, Meaty would just sit there, starin' out with that 'You gonna be in trouble, if you don't get eated first!' look on her face.

Last night was the last night I had the chance to spend with her. When I came home and my voice filled the room, my mom said after not moving for hours she perked right up and tried to find me. I stayed up all night on the couch, holding her, loving her, petting her wrinkles as she dreamed little twitchy ratty dreams. When I left to take a shower at about 11:00 PM, my dad said she freaked out. Once I picked her up again, my parents said that she just seemed so much happier. She didn't want to cuddle with my mom or dad, she just wanted to sleep with me. I'm grateful that I had that night to spend with her, just to make her happy. That is all I ever wanted for my sweet, little RatFinky Meatsack.

:above: Sincerely, The Staff :above:
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Aww...little meatsack. I'm sorry Lena. I know how much you loved her. I'm glad that you got to spend that last bit of time with her though. :hug: I heart you and don't worry, you were a rockin owner. She was a shweety. :licking:
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Aww I'm sorry for you. I would try to comfort you but that always backfires on me so I won't. So... just sorry for you.
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:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: D: I'm so sorry dear <3 I know how much you loved your little naked rat, and she was such a sweet-heart T.T At least she got to spend her last moments with you, you took wonderful care of her :heart: I'm gonna miss the little pink fuzz-less ball
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I'm so so sorry Lena DD: at least you were able to be with her...she left feeling more love than any pet has probably ever felt. You were a good owner :heart: and she was a good raet D:
My condolences. At least her last moments were left here with the remnants of her smile.
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i'm so sorry lena. i love you. you should take all the time you need to mourn sweet little meatsack.

she had SUCH a happy life, you spoiled her to no end~
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Yeah, I guess so. I just feel like there was more I could have done for her, that I didn't do. I don't know what, but I guess every time someone passes, you can't help but look back at the little things you wish you could have done better, huh?
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yeah... but believe me, you did more than enough. you did all you could. you took her to the vet, you fed her extra special food, and you made her as comfortable as you possibly could. thats amazing and i know little ratty cakes loved you extra special hard for all you did for her. she was lucky to have such a wonderful mommy.
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Awww I'm so sorry for your loss. My dog just passed away friday night so I know how you feel. T_T
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*Sobs all over* We can be crybaby-buddies. lol
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LOL Hai! *sits and sobs with you*
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